Friday, June 30, 2006

B16, Heading Toward Greatness
Amy Welborn has an article on her site which I've been thus far unable to successfully follow the link to, but she's included the important part in her post. If events continue to unfold in the manner they have been under Benedict XVI, we may see a worldwide turn toward more traditional Masses and worship. This is good for the Church, and Her adherents. As I've mentioned, I'm not totally opposed to reforms within the Church and modifying some areas to help people feel welcome, but there are areas that cannot be tampered with.

Hat Tip: The Cafeteria is Closed

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You may have noticed that there has been a lack of posts here lately. This is directly related to my having no time to post during the day, and being extremely tired by the time I roll home from work. The posting will likely be light throughout the holiday weekend, and into next week. In the words of a man I greatly admire, I shall return!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

RoP Shows Its Love of Sports
More specifically, motorsports. Any second now, I expect Cindy Sheehan to come out commending the Isamists who committed this act, and John Murtha to spout off about how our fighting men and women are attacking helpless roadside bombs. John Kerry will probably find something to say about how the soldiers in this Humvee were on their way to terrorize some Iraqi civilians, thus the video is validated as a form of Islamic emotional release.

Monday, June 26, 2006

NRO: Revoke NYT Press Creds
A brilliant column from NRO regarding the recent MSM press leaks (does anyone still believe they want us to WIN this war?).
The Times, along with the Los Angeles Times (which also rejected a government request not to publish) and the Wall Street Journal, ran stories exposing the program. Yes, the public was being protected. Yes, terrorists trying to kill Americans were being brought to heel. Yes, it appears the program is legal. And yes, it appears the Bush administration made various accommodations out of respect for international opinion and privacy concerns. Despite all that, New York Times executive editor Bill Keller concluded that “the administration’s extraordinary access to this vast repository of international financial data, however carefully targeted use of it may be, is a matter of public interest.”
What an arrogant, snooty commentary this is on the NYT itself, as an entity. So consumed are they, so vested in the collapse of the Bush Administration, that they are putting our secret anti-terrorist programs on the front page time and time again. The NYT, the LA Times, and the Washington Post are the chief offenders, in this case the Wall Street Journal is also guilty. Big Media has unparalleled influence in this nation. With that influence comes responsibility, and they typically wield it like the proverbial bull wields its body in a China shop. It's time we started prosecuting those that leak classified information (and give up on chasing innocent parties to score political points).

Michelle has a great roundup of commentary here.
More from Captain Ed.
Hugh also has some great links.
Some good stuff over at Gribbet's World.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

U.S. More Dangerous Than North Korea, Iran
John "In Cold Blood" Murtha still hasn't realized that magically reviving a political career that was effectively stilled in 1980 is a near miraculous task to succeed in. I respect John Murtha's service to this country in the military. I do not respect his shady ventures as a politician, nor his slander of today's military and our nation. Maybe Jean Schmidt was wrong to call him a coward, because though the shoe fits, shyster would have been more appropriate. You can read more about Rep. Murtha's latest in this article, which also gives a brief desciption of his involvement with the Abscam scandal of 1980.
Jack Murtha proves there are second acts in American politics. I had forgotten that federal prosecutors designated him an unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam investigation 26 years ago. I was reminded of it after Murtha became a candidate for majority leader, not by a Republican hit man but a Democratic former colleague in the House. In a long political career, Murtha has made bitter enemies inside his party who are alarmed by his new stature.

Murtha got into politics in 1968 as a 36-year-old highly decorated Marine and in 1974 became the first Vietnam War veteran elected to Congress. By 1980, Murtha was a lieutenant of Speaker Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill and was moving to the top in the House when the FBI named him as one of eight members of Congress videotaped being offered bribes by a phony Arab sheik.

The other seven congressional targets took cash and were convicted in federal court. The videotape showed Murtha declining to take cash but expressing interest in further negotiations, while bragging about his political influence. Murtha testified against the popular Rep. Frank Thompson in the Abscam case, which created lifelong enemies in the Democratic cloakroom. The House Ethics Committee exonerated Murtha of misconduct charges by a largely party-line vote, after which the committee's special counsel resigned in protest.
So... this fellow, who showed interest in taking bribes from Arab sheiks has the audacity to refer to our troops as cold blooded killers, our nation as the greatest threat to world peace, and proposes we immediately redeploy our troops to Okinawa.

Anything to score a political point or some quick cash, eh John? Anything at all.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Autorantic Virtual Moonbat
I found this little fellow via the Anti-PC League site.

Trump to Iraqis: You're Fired!

While I believe he's wrong on the topic of Iraq, the Donald appears to be correct in his area of specialization: business.
"I would fight hard to reduce oil prices. There's no doubt in my mind that the right chief executive could have a substantial impact on oil prices by telling the oil-producing states that it's time to start cutting [prices] or else. They're making more money than any country has ever made in the history of the world."
The OPEC oil ticks are saturated with money (at the expense of their own people). It's time to break up the cartel, and open the spigots. While Trump has some rather eccentric views on a variety of topics, I do tend to like the guy because he is what he is. When you watch The Apprentice, you are seeing the Donald, he is clearly very comfortable in his own skin. That being said, he has about as much a chance of becoming POTUS as Ross Perot.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
Oh, and GO ITALY! I enjoy watching the sport of soccer, and have long desired it become more popular in the United States. I don't feel the same passion for it as I do the NFL or MLB, or even the NBA or NHL... well... maybe more than the NHL, but a dramatic event such as a United States victory in the World Cup could propel it to prosperity here in the States. We shall see.

Sorry about the sparse postings of late, busy busy busy.

Update (Same Day):

The final score wound up being USA 1, Ghana 1, Officials 1.

I've only watched 2 games in this World Cup, USA vs Czech Republic and USA vs Ghana. In both games, the US played on the extreme defensive, though in their game against Ghana, they appeared to have more and better shots on goal.
Come on Yolanda what's Fonzie like?
Political correctness has done much to destroy civilization, and a good example appeared recently.
Five individuals immediately complained to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority watchdog, citing religious grounds. Labour MP Stephen Pound said the advertisement was "truly horrible. This is such a horrible image and is so horribly war-like that it can only be described as Nike being crass, offensive and insensitive as they try to hitch poor old Rooney to their commercial band-wagon." This according to the Daily Mail. The ad, originally meant to be a poster, was produced by Wieden and Kennedy, NKE's agency.
C'mon guys, seriously... just CHILL OUT. I doubt sincerely that Rooney is very poor following this advertisement. Regardless, mocking the crucifixion is not cool (I do not believe that is what is going on in this advertisement), but also not illegal. Only issues that directly affect the faith if Islam are illegal. Personally, I thought the advert was really cool... here you have a modern day "hero" of England painted with the cross of St. George, appearing to cry out in elation after having scored a goal. Duh.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Podhoretz: Exploiting Our Divisions
John Podhoretz has a great article on how the terrorists hope to divide American soldiers from Iraqi civilians with the recent torture/murder of Privates Tucker and Menchaca.

Meanwhile, Chris Magaoay valiantly defends his adopted home nation of Canuckistan.

Hat Tip: Powerline

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

23 Years Later...
The United States now has a missile defense system active. The successor to SDI appears to have finally been deployed and placed on operational status. This is good news, and the technology should improve over time. I have always felt that MAD was a ridiculous policy. Hopefully more nations will now focus on defending themselves, as opposed to being able to completely destroy their enemies.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bonkers Sheehan Update
In a report you're not likely to hear about from the DNC or the MSM, Cindy Sheehan traveled to the land of maple syrup, hockey, and beer on Saturday to party with American military deserters (I.E., the guys that wanted the free education and superior benefits for nothing). Reports that they will be forming a new band, Bonkers and the Cowardly Freeloaders, are greatly exaggerated.
"They say we're traitors, we're deserters," said former Marine Chris Magaoay, 20, of the Hawaiian island of Maui. "No, I'm a Marine and I stand up for what I believe in, and I believe the Constitution of the United States of America is being pushed aside as a scrap piece of paper."
To paraphrase "I believe in laws, as long as they don't apply to me!" I have some bad news for you Chris, you are no longer a Marine. Now you are a deserter, AWOL, a traitor to the nation you taunt while standing on foreign soil. Most importantly, you are a coward.

Take note: it is now not politically correct to refer to these people as "draft dodgers." They are now "war/draft resisters." Gee, I wonder why the MSM continues its ridiculously rapid downward slide in popularity. What could it be?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Krauthammer: Who is to Blame?
An excellent piece by Charles Krauthammer at the otherwise useless Washington Post.
To get Israel to remove its settlers, end the occupation and let the Palestinians achieve dignity and independence? But Israel did exactly that in Gaza last year. It completely evacuated Gaza, dismantled all its military installations, removed its soldiers, destroyed all Israeli settlements and expelled all 7,000 Israeli settlers. Israel then declared the line that separates Israel from Gaza to be an international frontier. Gaza became the first independent Palestinian territory ever.

And what have the Palestinians done with this independence, this judenrein territory under the Palestinians' control? They have used their freedom to launch rockets at civilians in nearby Israeli towns.

Why? Because the Palestinians prefer victimhood to statehood. They have demonstrated that for 60 years, beginning with their rejection of the United Nations decision to establish a Palestinian state in 1947 because it would have also created a small Jewish state next door. They declared war instead.
Read the whole thing. The Israelis have offered so much and received so little only to be villifed by the U.N. and world community. Before I truly discovered what terror represented, and the attacks of 09/11/01 opened my eyes to do research on this painful, drawn out conflict I was about 51% supportive of the Palestinian cause. Now I understand the truth.

Hat Tip: Ohio Conservative
New Mass Translation: Update
Gerald has a couple of updates regarding the new Mass translation at the Cafeteria here and here. Unsurprisingly, the AP has commissioned a quote from a rogue priest to make it seem as though all are opposed to this. Must the Jesuits fight everything, regardless of whether it impacts them directly? They're quickly devolving from a well respected order with a focus on higher learning to a reactionary group who opposes all Vatican intiatives. From his perspective (which I share):
It's predictably awful, as, I am sure, you expected. You know an article is screwy when the ubiquitous malcontent Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, is quoted in it. That arrogant man, who gave a talk at MahonyFest entitled "A Survivor's Guide for Thinking Catholics", is all over the place complaining about the new translation, pretending to speak for all priests. He's really a rather unpleasant character, then again, that's why he's the go-to-guy for liberal journalists.
They've also added a fantastic new overview of each day's posts at the top of the page. Check it out!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Captain America Joins the ACLU
Sweet mother of mercy, is there no safe haven for children these days? Marvel comics has decided to take on the political issue (though they label it "topical") civil liberties. When I started reading this article, I thought to myself... wow, this IS a big moment in comic book history. Spiderman revealing his identity? Monumental. Surely there must be a very painful, logical reason for this to happen. Turns out, the government had passed the "Super-Hero Registration Act, requiring all superheroes to reveal their identities and register as "'living weapons of mass destruction.'" But while spiders are in favor of the new act, champions of patriotism like Captain America are steadfastly against it! I used to love comic books, but apparently they aren't written for kids anymore. It's a shame, really.
Keith Olbermann is a Jerk
I was never a big Rita Cosby fan, but Olbermann displays (what is becoming) his usual lack of respect and maturity in this correspondence that kicked the whole "controversy" off (from wiki):
Olbermann wrote to a fan from his MSNBC E-mail account saying, "Rita's nice, but dumber than a suitcase of rocks." Neither MSNBC or Olbermann has yet publicly commented on the email, but Cosby did reply saying: "Keith got it wrong. I'm not that nice."
I found Cosby's response to be just about the wittiest thing she has had to say publicly.

No big surprise here. Olbermann offers a "well, I could have been the bigger man, but since I'm an egomaniac who feels it is absolutely necessary to respond in the most vile manner possible" cop out.
However, he became increasingly unhappy commuting to ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Connecticut, due to the area’s remote location and lack of an active social scene. Those issues, coupled with whispers that he could be difficult to work or get along with contributed to his departure from ESPN in 1997.
The whispers are getting louder, Keith. Should have stayed on Sportcenter with Dan Patrick. At the time it was one of my favorite shows, and the Patrick/Olbermann pairing on SC could be one of the best ever. Creating a rivalry with Bill O'Reilly by calling him "the worst person in the world" didn't seem to help your ratings much either. It's time to grow up, Keith. Shed the namecalling and the lack of maturity you have shown (publicly) over the past couple of years and come back to what you do best: sportscasting.
Some inconvenient scientists have found Algore's new flick to be patently untrue.
Professor Bob Carter of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, in Australia gives what, for many Canadians, is a surprising assessment: "Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention."

But surely Carter is merely part of what most people regard as a tiny cadre of "climate change skeptics" who disagree with the "vast majority of scientists" Gore cites?

No; Carter is one of hundreds of highly qualified non-governmental, non-industry, non-lobby group climate experts who contest the hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are causing significant global climate change. "Climate experts" is the operative term here. Why? Because what Gore's "majority of scientists" think is immaterial when only a very small fraction of them actually work in the climate field.
Ohhhhh, I see! So to do a study on humans effecting climate change, you should get scientists that actually specialize in that field!
Dr. Boris Winterhalter, former marine researcher at the Geological Survey of Finland and professor in marine geology, University of Helsinki, takes apart Gore's dramatic display of Antarctic glaciers collapsing into the sea. "The breaking glacier wall is a normally occurring phenomenon which is due to the normal advance of a glacier," says Winterhalter. "In Antarctica the temperature is low enough to prohibit melting of the ice front, so if the ice is grounded, it has to break off in beautiful ice cascades. If the water is deep enough icebergs will form."
Eh? So what you're telling us is... icebergs are naturally forming glacier bits. How could this be? Just because this was common knowledge before Algore blazed onto the scene doesn't mean we have to believe it, right? I mean, it's much more fun to yell FIRE in a theater!
Dr. Wibjörn Karlén, emeritus professor, Dept. of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden, admits, "Some small areas in the Antarctic Peninsula have broken up recently, just like it has done back in time. The temperature in this part of Antarctica has increased recently, probably because of a small change in the position of the low pressure systems."
But... how... what is this "low pressure system" voodoo of which you speak? It must be HUMANS! Didn't you see the film? HUMANS are causing the "warming" of the Earth... not naturally occurring phenomena over millions of years. Let me spell it out for you: H. U. M. A. N. S. You know, the same HUMANS that Algore valued at less than 3 trees?
But Karlén clarifies that the 'mass balance' of Antarctica is positive - more snow is accumulating than melting off. As a result, Ball explains, there is an increase in the 'calving' of icebergs as the ice dome of Antarctica is growing and flowing to the oceans. When Greenland and Antarctica are assessed together, "their mass balance is considered to possibly increase the sea level by 0.03 mm/year - not much of an effect," Karlén concludes.
More snow? The ice dome is growing? Simply impossible. There's no way Algore would lie to us in order to gain more political power for himself and his party. That would be unscrupulous, akin to losing an election and nearly destroying the Union by dragging it through an unecessary court battle and near constitional crisis in a desperate attempt to litigate victory. Nope, not even Richard Nixon would do that!
Gore tells us in the film, "Starting in 1970, there was a precipitous drop-off in the amount and extent and thickness of the Arctic ice cap." This is misleading, according to Ball: "The survey that Gore cites was a single transect across one part of the Arctic basin in the month of October during the 1960s when we were in the middle of the cooling period. The 1990 runs were done in the warmer month of September, using a wholly different technology."
What, selectively picking narrowly focused facts, likely inconsistent with the argument as a whole to win supporters? It's almost the same as hand-picking ballots that might almost possibly maybe are a vote for you because there's a slight bulge where someone may have pressed before fully punching out the section for the other guy. Maybe. But we've been down this road.

Anyway, as much fun as I'm having mocking Algore, I'll leave you with the money quote:
Carter does not pull his punches about Gore's activism, "The man is an embarrassment to US science and its many fine practitioners, a lot of whom know (but feel unable to state publicly) that his propaganda crusade is mostly based on junk science."

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Soldier Sings, MSM Hyperventilates Then Deceives
LGF has the best coverage so far of this "story."

Watch the video, it's a Marine having a good time with his fellow soldiers. The lies being set forth by the mainstream media are shameful, and help to crystallize exactly how anti-military Big Press really is. Of course, I am fully disappointed that the Marine would know Big Press is our enemy and still allow this to get out. The political wing of Al-Quaida, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), has relayed their talking points to the MSM and they are being replicated dutifully, despite being inaccurate. But of course, they don't have an agenda.

Michelle chimes in.
Protein Wisdom adds some flavor.
Blackfive has seen it before.
DonkeyCons is on the scene.

Nope, no agenda here.
Massive Anti-Appeasement Protest in Spain
What? You didn't hear? Over one million protestors took to the streets in Madrid to oppose the new socialist government of Spain's appeasement and negotiations with the ETA terrorist organization. Meanwhile, Bonkers Sheehan throws a book signing, 30 people show up, and it's headline news. Yeah... but the media don't have an agenda.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This guy falls right into Ted Rall/Jim Borgman land with this cartoon. No self respecting publication would allow this to make it to press. I guess that says a lot about the Arizona Republic.

Here's what Michelle had to say.
Gribbit on the Ethics of War
Great post by Gribbet on why Iraq was a "just war" applying the USCCB outlines.
Saddam’s regime was torturing, murdering, and slaughtering his own people. He remained a threat to his neighbors in the region and was recognized as a sponsor of world wide terrorism.

Our continued presence is justified by the fact that we are responsible for destruction of their infrastructure, military, and law enforcement capabilities. We have a moral responsibility to remain until the Iraqi government can provide security for its own citizens. By remaining, and conducting military operations, we are attempting to reduce, if not end, the killing of innocents.
See, there ARE smart people in Cleveland! Welcome to the Alliance, Gribbit.

Update (06/14/06):

A Catholic theologian's view on why this falls under the just-war doctrine.

Another Catholic blogger continues the debate here.
VDH: Iraq Not Vietnam
Those who are well informed know this, but there is much less tragedy in Iraq now than there was in Vietnam. That is to say, the loss of life during wartime has substantially decreased during that time. There have always been, and always will be horrible things that happen during war. Davis writes:
As with the formulaic type scenes of Homeric epic, there now arises a sense of familiarity with the current outcries over Haditha.

We do not really know yet what happened in that terrorist-infected hellhole, but it seems not to matter. Those who customarily decry the supposed loss of civil liberties are now the first to rush to judgment — reminding us that it is not always principle per se that they embrace, but a partisanship to be advanced at all costs.

Like Abu Ghraib, the killings will be used to vilify the military, and, ultimately, to curtail the American effort in Iraq — despite the good news of the recent appointment of the remaining three Iraqi cabinet officials and the demise of the mass-murdering Zarqawi. Just as the public was bombarded with scenes of a few dozen naked Iraqis and dog leashes in 2004, or cries of mythical flushed Korans in 2005 — never the mass graves of Saddam — so too we now hear only of a new My Lai.
The whole article can be found here. Read it all.

There are many great and positive things going on in Iraq at this very moment. Why can the left not bring themselves to support turning this society, tormented for 24 years, into a thriving community that can compete on the international level? It's simple. If Iraq succeeds, America succeeds. This means that President Bush succeeds, and they can't handle that.
Bush Visits Iraq, Media Duped
In what I hope is the midst of a media counter-offensive, President Bush visited Iraq today to endorse the new Prime Minister of that nation. The White House press corps were loaded into a bus for a nice trip to Camp David, then were told that the President was in fact not at that location but in Iraq. The most important thing he had to say:
Iraq is a part of the war on terror. Iraq is a central front on that war, and when Iraq succeeds in having a government of and by and for the people of Iraq, you will have dealt a serious blow to those who have a vision of darkness, who don't believe in liberty, who are willing to kill the innocent in order to achieve a political objective.
The whole speech is here. Nothing like seeing the media get duped... what are they going to do, turn negative? Ask why, being as trustworthy as they are, that they were not informed? Call up John Murtha to give a blistering speech about how American soldiers are baby-eaters that burn down entire villages of women and children with napalm and sodering irons? Certainly there can be nothing positive to say about the President of the most powerful nation on Earth traveling to a country that is in the process of rebuilding itself into a stronger, better nation than before.
Stephen Hawking on Space Colonization: It's Time
I agree wholeheartedly with Hawking's assessment. We have to travel into space now, and expand throughout the universe in the long run. Moon base? Easy. Mars base? Hard, but doable.
"It is important for the human race to spread out into space for the survival of the species," Hawking said. "Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of."
Indeed. With more and more individuals crazy enough to kill themselves and wipe out the human race in the process, the time is nigh to move. We have the capability.
Rove (Frog)Marches to Freedom
I've not spent much time listening to Rush lately, but the first half hour of his show today was absolutely abdominal cramp inducingly funny. The capper was a montage of the MSM over the last year broadcasting their giddy anticipation of Karl Rove's imminent indictment. The next bit had the MSM of today sounding deflated, and one reporter in particular letting out a nervous laugh. I truly did not realize how emotionally invested the media was in this. Ahhhh... this is almost as good as President Bush winning re-election in 2004. Almost.

LGF post.

Moonbat reaction (always entertaining!).

Update (Same Day):

Could they make it any more obvious?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sheehan in Cincinnati?
If a crazy anti-war protestor comes to town, and nobody knows about it, does she still help our side?
Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan said the pain of losing her son in Iraq led her to consider taking sleeping pills to commit suicide.
Unafraid of dancing on the back of her deceased son, who valiantly gave his life for this country, Sheehan plies sympathy from an already sympathetic crowd. If you don't succeed in an attempt to take your own life, it's a cry for help. Would it not be more beneficial to discuss this (and many other things) with a counselor, Cindy? Oh, wait a minute...
"How could I put them through another death in the family?" she said.
But you put them through Casey's death every single day you're in the headlines, Cindy. You consistently embarrass yourself and your family on national TV. Not as consistently, since the Democrats realized that you were more a political liability than asset, but consistently nonetheless.
"Putting his picture in a golden frame and displaying it won't help anything, because murder begets murder," she said.
Some people just refuse to be happy about anything.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome St. Blog's Parish and Amateur Catholic B Team
I'm adding St Blogs Parish Directory to the left sidebar, and giving them their own post since I've been so lazy about getting around to adding that link. Also, I'm adding the Amateur Catholic B Team very soon. I like to keep a uniform appearance here, and may do a not so dramatic overhaul over the weekend to add some buttons for sites that have them. The key for me is to get them sized right so they look good in the columns.
Daschle Tests the Waters
I know, you're thinking... seriously? It's true. Tom Daschle, voted out of office while holding the most powerful political seat in his party, is considering a run for the 2008 Democratic nomination. Soft spoken, generally boring to watch, and carrying the monumental weight of 3 electoral votes in his home state (which I'll state again, he lost statewide in 2004), Daschle would be the perfect candidate to run against ANY Republican in the next presidential election. It's too bad he doesn't have a chance. Neither does Hillary. I predict an early bow-out from the former Majority/Minority leader.
Colin Powell Wrong Again

Sometimes I wonder if he thinks before he speaks.
"The Berlin Wall did not work perfectly and the wall that the Israelis are putting up is not going to work perfectly," Powell said. "So, a wall alone is not the answer."
Ummmm... the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in, not out. The Israeli wall appears to be working pretty well actually, Colin. You are correct that a wall ALONE is not the answer, however. Once we raise the Great Wall of America, we will need Border Patrol to keep it staffed. This could be a great national project, like the Hoover Dam or the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. Don't just build a wall... make it grand, so that those whom are coming here legally will be welcomed by a massive, impressive, architecturally pleasing structure as they cross the border (at the "official" crossing points).
Powell, speaking at a business conference in Mexico City, said any new barriers should include gates and other entrances to provide easy- access between both countries.
Hey! Hey Colin! Why don't you give this speech in an American city, preferably one where illegal immigration has so crippled the economy that it is barely able to fiscally survive?
"We have to find a way for them to live in dignity and not in fear," he said.
Yes... we have to find a way for everyone in the world who lives without dignity or in fear. Shall we just do away with borders altogether, Colin? We certainly couldn't adopt Mexico's illegal immigration law, since it's so horribly restrictive.
I am King of the Ellipsis!
I have a confession to make... the ellipsis is my favorite form of punctuation. Life would be grand if I could use it instead of the comma, or the period. Now if I could only figure out when to use who versus whom...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Death Tax Repeal... Dies
Hugh has the word.

From Andrew Roth:
Republicans who voted the wrong way: Chafee and Voinovich
Democrats who voted the right way: Lincoln, Baucus, Nelson, and Nelson.
Another link from Andrew here.

Looks like George "Weepy" Voinovich is going to be facing a primary challenge, just like his ideological brother Mikey DeWine did this year. At least he will if I have anything to say about it. It's truly infuriating that Ohio Republicans at all levels are so reliably spineless. Do we have to actively work against them in the general election, just so that we can elect conservatives the next time around? I'm going to be doing some serious examination of voting records prior to the general this year, and when Weepy runs next. It's practically impossible to defeat an incumbent in the primary barring something that causes huge political fallout, but if I am not being represented, then my vote will find its way elsewhere.

Hopefully Ken Blackwell will help to save the Ohio GOP.
Ann Coulter: Unleashed
The Anchoress has the best post on Ann's not so discretionary comments in her latest book. No particular group in society is free from particularly harsh commentary when they get together in their own circles, but to air them publicly is absolutely not beneficial to the cause. I don't agree with some of the vitriol in turn being hurled at Coulter, she's always been painfully outspoken... it's her schtick, what she does. The big difference between conservatives and liberals is that we have Ann Coulter to do this, and they have... most of the people on their side, which makes it not seem quite as bad. There's something to be said however for moderation in the public discourse, while not moderating core beliefs or acting on said beliefs. While she is entertaining, smart, and clever, giving ammunition to the left is unacceptable.

In defense of Ann, read the book for yourself.

There's a great article here (also linked in the article) on the 9/11 widows.

Update 06/9/06:
Just to put thing in perspective, remember the contractors in Fallujah that were burned, dismembered, and hung from a bridge? Well, the most popular leftist blogger had something to say about them, and has tried to hide it many times.
...I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.

by kos on Thu Apr 01, 2004 at 12:08:56 PM PDT
Zarqawi Dead
Joyous news from the front lines in the War on Terror: Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi has been eliminated by a U.S. air strike 30 miles outside of Baghdad. While only one man on the side of the enemy, this filthy man was responsible for much of the logistical aspect of the Iraq anti-U.S. terror campaign. The nation is united in this huge symbolic victory for American forces.

Well, everyone except for the terrorists and the America-hating left...

Nick Berg's dad, a congressional candidate this year because of the opportunity his son's death presented, still blames the POTUS for that killing. He also expresses sadness at the news that U.S. troops have successfully eliminated their target.

DailyKos chimes in with disparaging remarks.

I'm sure there will be similar remarks from the usual suspects as the day goes on.

Update (Same Day):

A good summary of the lefties' take on this event.

Update 06/09/06:

More on the anti-American left here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

With Friends Like These...
Kos went 0 for 20 yesterday as Brian Bilbray won CA50. This race was under the microscope as a barometer of the coming fall general election. At least, until the MSM's candidate lost. It's hard to find a story on it now, and this should come as no big surprise. The article lists a "narrow" victory for Bilbray, but in context it really wasn't very narrow at all. Most people thought, given the scandals surrounding his predecessor, Bilbray would win or lose by close to 1 percentage point. Not unlike Jean Schmidt's OH02 race last year which actually did turn out to be quite closely contested, this cycle has been anticipated as a nightmare scenario for Republicans. If the rest of the nation follows this "barometer," I certainly am not going to lose any sleep. Way to go Brian, congratulations on your big win!

Hopefully they'll go to Bob "0 for 7" Shrum for their national strategy this year.
Awwww... Poor Widdle U.N.
There was a time during my naivete of youth that I looked up to the United Nations as the true key to peace in the world. Imagine... a large governmental body comprised of representatives from every nation on Earth, talking things out instead of fighting, and enforcing international law when necessary. Well, times have changed. There sure is a lot of talking going on at the U.N. A whole heckuva lot of talking. Not so much action, or enforcing international law. Mostly just talking, more specifically about the United States, and what a terrible nation it is. Not generous enough, too violent, too powerful, too much criticism of the U.N., not enough muppets... you get the idea. The U.N. is fundamentally broken, and while the Bush Administration has been supremely disappointing of late, at least they are trying to fix this.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

U. S. To Give Iran Nukes
OK, ok... so the article says nuclear technology. Can this possibly be accurate, or is it another example of the MSM's flagrant incompetence? A friend of mine sent this to me, and as he advised, if he wanted a bunch of weak, appeasing fools in the White House he would have voted for Kerry.
Liberals Call Names, Conservatives Have Ideas
Minutemen? Vigilantes. Local Butler County Sheriff? Vigilante. United States? Rogue nation. George W. Bush? Traitor, Nazi, war criminal. If you don't agree with liberals, they brand you with hateful terminology. Black (or minority) Republican? Sambo (or other racial epithet). They have many clever names, but in the grand scheme of things no ideas or plans for our future. Yes, I'm questioning their patriotism. They question mine every day. I'm also questioning their inclination toward racism, as those in the American south are insinuated to be racists (and therefore Republicans). The Democrats say Lincoln wasn't really a Republican. Our party ended slavery and amended the constitution so that liberated former slaves could vote. We elected the first black governor (in LA), the first Hispanic U.S. Senator, and had the first female delegates at our convention.
Republicans led the fight for women’s voting rights -- and the Democrats, as a party, opposed civil rights for women. All of the leading suffragists -- including Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton -- were Republicans. In fact, Susan B. Anthony bragged, after leaving the voting booth, that she had voted for “the Republican ticket -- straight.”
I could go on and on, but there's a better article here, from which I retrieved the quote above. With this glorious history of looking out for minorites and the little guy, why does "Republican" or "Conservative" automatically translate into "racist" to some degree? Why were the National Socialists of Germany considered "extreme right wing" when they were just that, socialists with a nationalist twist? One reason: they believed in genocide, which somehow translates directly into being "extreme right wing." I'm sick of it. We should call them out on their terrible past, and Ken Blackwell, Lynn Swann, and Michael Steele should lead the way.
I Am Proud To Be From Butler County, OH
Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County is doing his nation a great service. Unabashedly on the front of the illegal immigration battle, he isn't backing down in the face of pathetic protests. From that story:
But deputies had to release them that night because local law enforcement does not have the authority to detain illegal immigrants unless they're charged with a crime.
Ummm... does anyone else see a problem with that sentence? Crime, illegal, helloooOOOOoo! Why would it local law enforcement NOT have the authority to hold illegals anyway? As usual, the ACLU is on the wrong side in this debate. You'll note from the link that the latest pro-open borders/amnesty slander against those who actually want our nation to be secure is to call us "vigilantes." Thank you Richard Jones. Keep up the good work.
Iran Keeps Winning Streak Alive
When a child is playing with gasoline, or some other volatile substance, would your first inclination be to reward them with a candy bar? If you did, what would the logical next step for the child be? To react indignantly if in the future any responsible adult attempted to remove them from harm's way, thus ensuring the safety of other children in the area. So here we are with Iran. Apparently, the offer of rewards for acting like an impetulant child were not enough, so a European envoy is on the way with more gifts and incentives! Not only will this allow the Iranians to continue whatever nuclear program they have going below ground, but it will also solidify the mullah's grip on power in a nation where the youth appear to be mostly pro democracy. Say what you will about Old Europe, they are no longer our allies other than militarily. We still discuss differences with them, but only until their new currently underground governments take hold in about 20 years. Sharia law will be interpreted the same in French and German as it is in Arabic (but don't tell the Europeans... for them, problems go away if you ignore them!).
New Mass Translation?
I originally heard about this a few weeks ago, from the same site I'm linking to now. In a previous job, I worked with a Lefebvrist who advised me that (her interpretation of) the inaccuracy of the current novus ordo mass is what had driven her from the Church into schism. It will be interesting to see what happens as this new translation comes to the U.S. Bishops for approval. It has already been approved in other nations where English is the predominant language.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The New Republic Sets Sail for Kosdom

I must confess, for some time I have been a fan of the liberal publication, The New Republic. Always well written, never caustic, its articles were well grounded and presented an alternate point of view to those on the right (such as myself) who didn't feel like rummaging through the filth at some of the other lefty publications. While not a "regular" reader, the articles I did peruse gave me hope that some sanity still existed on the left. This is the main reason I have a link to them on my blog. Apparently, a sea change was in the works at TNR, as their support for the Iraq Battle of the War on Terror caused readership to plummet. I understand that standing on principle doesn't make the doughnuts, but for a widely read publication that had previously prided itself on such it doesn't make much sense to suddenly pull the rudder hard right (thus turning the ship hard left) and expect everyone to pretend it didn't happen. Hopefully, this is an aberration and TNR will return soon to quality writing and well thought articles. If the rest of the liberal Democratic party is any indication, it is not.
L.A. Times... Need I Say More?
The L.A. Times has decided that everyone in the world falls under the title "Catholic." Apparently there is a (to understate) schismatic group in California that has labeled itself Catholic, and received recognition and validation from this notoriously inaccurate newspaper. There's a "Bishop" thrice married who has been quoted as saying "marriage promotes growth." This is but the latest of a long line of "everything goes" churches, where cafeteria Catholics go when they are called on selecting specific laws and beliefs to follow, while rejecting other equally important dogma. The only thing that really bugs me about this place is that it claims to be "Catholic," much like the schismatic Lefebvrists and self-excommunicating Kennedys.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Inconvenient Critic
I'm not going to go into the Algore movie, you can infer how I feel about that from my previous posts. What I will go into is a critic taking the opportunity of Algore's release to take a cheap shot at the Catholic Church. Of course this also gives me the opportunity to vet a bit on the "Galileo controversy" within the Church.

Jules Brenner, who writes for The Filmiliar Cineaste, had this to say about the movie:
A flat earth was inconvenient to Papal authority in Galileo's time. Now, what heresy is Gore committing with a scientifically based argument against contributing further to relentlessly damaging natural forces? If he's right about this, a cabal of the irresponsible who resist a sea change in energy sources and established structures of global economy may be bringing us disasters greater than a biblical plague.
It's clear Jules is no fan of the Church, and has taken this opportunity to take a shot. Well, here's "an inconvenient truth" for you, Mr. Brenner:
Centuries earlier, Aristotle had refuted heliocentricity, and by Galileo’s time, nearly every major thinker subscribed to a geocentric view. Copernicus refrained from publishing his heliocentric theory for some time, not out of fear of censure from the Church, but out of fear of ridicule from his colleagues.
That's right, not unlike today where a small army of scientists trumpet their view that human caused global warming is a legitimate concern, an overwhelming vocal majority believed that the universe was geocentric. Also like today, anyone who opposed that view was to fear the rejection of their colleagues, not that of the Church. The debate was helio/geo centricity, not the shape of the Earth, so skip a movie and read a book for once. Regarding Galileo and his relationship with the Church:
Many people wrongly believe Galileo proved heliocentricity. He could not answer the strongest argument against it, which had been made nearly two thousand years earlier by Aristotle: If heliocentrism were true, then there would be observable parallax shifts in the stars’ positions as the earth moved in its orbit around the sun. However, given the technology of Galileo’s time, no such shifts in their positions could be observed. It would require more sensitive measuring equipment than was available in Galileo’s day to document the existence of these shifts, given the stars’ great distance. Until then, the available evidence suggested that the stars were fixed in their positions relative to the earth, and, thus, that the earth and the stars were not moving in space—only the sun, moon, and planets were.
Given the opportunity, he couldn't prove it with the resources available to him. Brilliant theory, but unprovable in that time.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Soldier Suing Michael Moore
I know this isn't breaking news, but calling attention to it in any way I can seemed like the right thing to do. For those of us who suffered through Fahrenheit 9/11, we saw Sgt. Damon in a hospital bed, appearing to whine about the pain he was in with Moore inferring he was neglected and forgotten.
In "Fahrenheit 9/11," the bandaged National Guardsman is shown laying on a gurney complaining that he feels like he's "being crushed in a vise. But they [the drugs] do a lot to help it and they take a lot of the edge off it."
I knew going in that this was merely creative clipping, as Sgt. Damon had come out publicly to state his support of the POTUS and the WoT, of which Iraq was a part.
"I was complaining about the pain I would've been having [if it weren't for the painkiller]," he said... Newsman Brian Williams ends the NBC clip by adding, "These men, with catastrophic wounds are . . . completely behind the war effort."
The part with Brian Williams was completely edited out. He has taken his case to the next level suing Moore for $85,000,000. Let's hope he gets it, and anyone else clipped and cut in order to misrepresent themselves and deceive the public take this moment to sue that fiend for themselves. C'mon Charlton, I know you have the cash to really put a hurtin' on his pocketbook.

A few links that I feel fit here:
Celsius 41.11
Michael Moore Hates America
Fahrenhype 9/11

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vile, Vile MSM (Wal-Mart)
As new media continues to gain in popularity, and with the advent of Fox News and other outlets that appear to be closer to showing both sides of newsworthy debate, the old crusty mainstream media plods onward, drifting even further to the left and exposing its foul agenda. I find that the radio news during intervals in talk shows (Rush, Savage, Hannity, etc) is even worse than the drivel constantly blared from the cable news blowtorches. Of course, the AP is no friend of conservatism, much less corporations, and much MUCH less Wal-Mart. Bizzy has the clip here as the Cheap Shot of the Day. As he succinctly puts it, "Yeah, only the poor shop at Wal-Mart. Everyone else shops somewhere else. You didn’t know? (/sarcasm)" Indeed... but it is likely true that many of the poor DO shop at Wal-Mart (along with most people I know), since their prices are so low, and everything is such a good deal!
We No Longer Remain Silent
It seems the calls that Speaker Hastert overreacted to the FBI search of William Jefferson's office have been getting louder. Previously on this blog, I had posted about how the federal government appears to be grabbing power in a manner unprecedented for this nation. I didn't pay much attention to what Hastert said at first, other than to note he had played right into the scenario set forth in the Royal Congress posting. Captain's Quarters takes a more in-depth approach to the issue at hand. Hopefully, as the issue of Congress feeling it is above the law becomes more prominent, more can be done to ultimately resolve it. When Newt Gingrich swept a Republican majority into office in 1994, his Contract With America promised:
“all laws that apply to the rest of the country” will “also apply equally to the Congress.”
Maybe that's why they ran him out of town.
Dunkin' Donuts Defends Our Borders
Since the Executive and Legislative branches will not, Dunkin' Donuts has decided to take the initiative and defend our borders in the best way it can: an employee database verifying legal worker status. Not only are they participating, but making public their participation. Until the other major donut chain follows suit, Dunkin' Donuts will get my business exclusively.
PA Cartoons Denigrate Statue of Liberty
Remember when the good Palestinian people celebrated and rejoiced at news of the World Trade Center attacks? Well, now they've decided to further offend American sensibilities by publishing several cartoons mocking the Statue of Liberty. No reports of American mobs rioting, pilliaging, or murdering yet. I've added the Palestinian Media Watch to the left sidebar.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs
Noonan: Three Party System
Peggy Noonan does this topic justice with her usual tact.
They both want their teams to win. Part of winning is making sure the other guy loses, and part of the fun of politics, of any contest, of life, can be the dance in the end zone.

But the dance has gotten dark.
As I've mentioned before, America may be ready for a three or even four party system, as the Republicans and Democrats increasingly appear more concerned about power than issues. Immigration in particular has opened many eyes to Washington's dark secrets.
Americans worry about the myriad implications of the collapse of the American border. But Washington doesn't. Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican George W. Bush see things pretty much eye to eye. They are going to educate the American people out of their low concerns.
Indeed it may be this condescending attitude that spawns the demise of the well established, funded, and protected by law two party system.

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