Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome to our Future
I posted this on Facebook last night, prior to the polls closing. Thought I'd go ahead and post it here. I haven't included the links yet, I may add them later.

So the long awaited, pre ordained Obama victory parade has begun.

The systematic indoctrination of America's youth through traditional institutions of "higher learning" has had it's effect. The media also received the two candidates they felt best offered them a chance at reaching their ideological goals: Barack Obama, the well documented socialist and lifelong America hating appeaser, and John McCain, the old, politically weak candidate who had stabbed his own party in the back so many times that the majority has never forgotten.

Once Barack Obama wins, the "Fairness Doctrine" will likely go back into effect, eliminating the few conservative voices in popular media. Once again, the right to bear firearms will have as many restrictions put upon it as possible (which is why I'm going to go buy a gun sometime very soon), and businesses that have put up with heavy taxation under supposedly "fiscally conservative" regimes will find better, more success-friendly environments overseas. The sky will not fall, but it will lower to us with oppressive taxes, silencing of the opposition, and a suffocating litany of new laws banning, barring, and imposing the beliefs of those in office upon those who are not in power. Ironically, a great tragedy will continue, and likely be promoted.

I support many of the social issues idealists do... in many ways I am in the same sense an idealist, a dreamer, someone who wants to change the world for the better by working for social justice. Unfortunately I understand that this simply can not be implemented by governments or bureaucracies. By the time the money taken from you to give to them is distributed, so much has been filtered out for the friends and supporters of politicians that only a tiny fraction actually reaches its "destination." The rest is spent on paper, process, and drumming up support for expanding government control at the federal level. Many on the left like to speak about "trickle down economics." If this isn't an example that perfectly matches said phrase, I have no idea what is.

I've said before and I will say again, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of these United States was the beginning of the end. With the New Deal and Great Society, the middle game has already begun to expire. Bill Clinton was more a puppet and a poll governor than anything else. He did manage to gut the military pretty heavily, but he saw the value in attempting to remain as popular as possible, basing his governance not on principles, but on "legacy" if that is possible.

So we reach the end game. As with all great empires and societies of enlightenment, we begin to hasten our already rapid decline. American culture has slid to the point of being almost exclusively based on selling things using shock value or sex, including ourselves. The relentless assault on the power of the government over the past decade is taking it's toll, politicians are solidifying their status, lining their pockets, and continually being re-elected by schmoozing with their media elite friends and camera friendly celebrities. In effect, they are mostly no more than paid entertainers these days, trotting out in front of cameras to posture and puff out their feathers, stomping and humphing about in righteous indignation. Instead of dialogue over legislation, we see personal insults on the television, and frightening rhetoric on certain internet media.

Civilized discourse is ending. Given the unbelievably abrasive attacks on myself, what I believe in, those I've supported, and misrepresentations to hurt me and my beliefs over the past decade, I'm not sure if I want to see it continue now that the other side is in power or see it return to normalcy, once again restoring peace to the union.

That's all I have for now, some random thoughts. I hope this post has found you well, and has caused you to think. There was a time when I was heavily involved in campaigns and issues, but that time has passed. I wasn't even going to vote today aside from my friends and family seeming offended that I had no desire or will to do so.

I voted. I hope you're happy.


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