Friday, August 29, 2008

So, John McCain decided to announce his pick today. Some even paid attention, and others even went so far as to care!

Sarah Palin is a rising star in the GOP. National review had varied takes on the pick... but seriously folks, Alaska. 3 electoral votes the Republicans have every election. The mighty power of Arizona and Alaska shall swing this election!

Ah well, hopefully things will hold together until 2012 when a candidate I can actually stomach voting for.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Games of Oppression

Very unique in it's own way, a culture that reaches back thousands of years, with proud moments and shameful moments as any other might have. My post today is about the United States, and our government's hypocrisy in how it treats the People's Republic of China versus the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Cuba.

China's human rights violations are well documented. Aside from the obvious violations, an immense amount of more minor crackdowns occur daily. Most people are well aware of corporate participation in the fun. Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo, have decided that the draw of the yuan is worth much more to them than the rights of individuals to express themselves, or to learn more about the world and how freedom can benefit humanity.

China's religious oppression is also well noted. No faith is safe, including my own Catholicism.

How can this nation be a "most favored" trading partner? How can it not be on the list of human rights violators? The reason is simple... and patently obvious. Currency is the religion of the powerful and the elite. Politicians no longer have to rely on their integrity to stay in power when the almighty dollar has kept them there for 30, even 40 years. Everything is for sale in this digital age, votes and influence are merely another symptom of a quickly declining global culture. China is simply taking advantage of that, and the most powerful corporations in the United States are one hundred percent on their side. They see over one billion consumers and cheap employees. In fact, they may see that they are destroying our culture, as well as many others, but the simply do not care because profits are king.

Congratulations China, you have managed to do something that Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and several other smaller oppressive rights violating dictatorships have been unable to. You have conquered America, using our internal influences to bring us down.


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