Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trusting A Madman
This video had me cracking up almost the whole way through. It's very funny... and terrifying. Check it out. NOW!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tim Johnson Suffers Stroke
I'm not posting this to write about the potential shakeup in Congress, but to point out the news media taking advantage of a very unfortunate event in the life of Tim Johnson, the newly elected Senator from South Dakota. While I could care less about celebrity news, reports that a senator-elect of the United States has suffered a stroke is certainly important. It disgusts me that Big Media have taken this opportunity to make this into a control of Congress issue. I wish Tim Johnson the absolute best. Though I may disagree with his choice of party, and probably with his ideology, he and his family deserve our prayers.

Update (12/19/06):

I was going to update this several days ago, but other items gained priority. Turns out Sen. Johnson was actually in his second term, and in fact did not suffer a stroke. The point of the post, of course, was to wish him well and point out the rabid, scary nature of the news media.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blissfully Ignorant in the Post 11/07 World
I've been enjoying my vacation from "real news," and have been successfully able to avoid even the Drudge Report of late. Recently, however, I happened over to Steve the Pirate's galley and found this little tidbit. Thanks Steve for brightening my day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Titans Do It Again
I was pretty shocked to flip through the final NFL scores last week and notice my Tennessee Titans had pulled off an incredibly improbably victory, tying the 2nd biggest comeback in NFL history (I'd venture a guess that most Titans fans recall the BIGGEST comeback... very, very painfully). This week, I was even more shocked to find out that they had pulled off another comeback against a fantastic Colts squad to score their 5th victory in 12 games. Congrats to the Titans on these two victories, which will hopefully mark a turning point back to greatness. Just a few linemen... all we need is a few offensive linemen, and back we will go.

Another sports note... looks like the Buckeyes will be (rightfully) facing the Florida Gators in the Fiesta Bowl. So finally, savoring knocking that team up north out of the national championship game can begin!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WoW Strategy
So.. I think I have the warlock strategy down pretty much, having run many high level instances many times with many different groups... getting a good feel for the strengths of each class, and what would be required for a successful run. Also made the pickup on my Dreadsteed the other day, thanks to my guildies (and an unfortunately failed run at Molten Core). I am not, however, confident in my ability to play my shaman in a group setting. I can solo pretty well, but not having grouped very often, it's kind of hard to tell what you need to do as a tanking/healing/magey type class. If anyone has extensive experience in this regard, I'd love to hear about it. The general consensus is that restorative shaman are best for end game material. To that end, what are the best talent specs/spell strategies, etc? Also, in my newly formed guild of mostly local friends, my shaman will likely be the most heavily armored and strongest member. I'm thinking I should level my very low level warrior for primary tanking duties rather than rely on the shammy. Ah well, random thoughts from WoW. I appreciate any shammy advice people may contribute.


Update From Chucko
Hello all... you may have noticed that I have not posted anything new for weeks. It started with a week long vacation, and gradually progressed into a general apathy toward politics and the state of the nation in general. The terrorists have defeated Spain, Italy, and Britain... now they are knocking... nay... pounding on our door, demanding to be let in. We have shown them great weakness in the last election cycle. Will the union survive Nancy, Hillary, Teddy, and Chuckie? We shall see... I sure hope so. I should really be making valuable use of my time on this blog to broadcast messages of positivity, a sort of "keep up the good fight" mentality regarding our future. Over the course of the next few months, however, there may be a sea change here... at least for a limited time. The Republicans are terrible, the Democrats are even worse, so who wants to write about that?

I'll write as often as I find motivation, or things that overwhelmingly call for commentary.


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