Monday, June 05, 2006

The New Republic Sets Sail for Kosdom

I must confess, for some time I have been a fan of the liberal publication, The New Republic. Always well written, never caustic, its articles were well grounded and presented an alternate point of view to those on the right (such as myself) who didn't feel like rummaging through the filth at some of the other lefty publications. While not a "regular" reader, the articles I did peruse gave me hope that some sanity still existed on the left. This is the main reason I have a link to them on my blog. Apparently, a sea change was in the works at TNR, as their support for the Iraq Battle of the War on Terror caused readership to plummet. I understand that standing on principle doesn't make the doughnuts, but for a widely read publication that had previously prided itself on such it doesn't make much sense to suddenly pull the rudder hard right (thus turning the ship hard left) and expect everyone to pretend it didn't happen. Hopefully, this is an aberration and TNR will return soon to quality writing and well thought articles. If the rest of the liberal Democratic party is any indication, it is not.

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