Wednesday, June 07, 2006

With Friends Like These...
Kos went 0 for 20 yesterday as Brian Bilbray won CA50. This race was under the microscope as a barometer of the coming fall general election. At least, until the MSM's candidate lost. It's hard to find a story on it now, and this should come as no big surprise. The article lists a "narrow" victory for Bilbray, but in context it really wasn't very narrow at all. Most people thought, given the scandals surrounding his predecessor, Bilbray would win or lose by close to 1 percentage point. Not unlike Jean Schmidt's OH02 race last year which actually did turn out to be quite closely contested, this cycle has been anticipated as a nightmare scenario for Republicans. If the rest of the nation follows this "barometer," I certainly am not going to lose any sleep. Way to go Brian, congratulations on your big win!

Hopefully they'll go to Bob "0 for 7" Shrum for their national strategy this year.

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Anonymous Eric KEPHAS said ... (2:35 AM) : 

Busby was doomed the second Kos got behind her.

His endorsement is probably more toxic than Bob Taft's.


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