Thursday, September 11, 2008

PBS: Your tax dollars at work!

Does anything else really need to be stated on this?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Camille Paglia: Refreshing
Admittedly, I didn't know a whole lot about Camille Paglia before reading her article on Sarah Palin. Given that, as I read the article, I was stunned not only with her fair and generally positive appraisal of John McCain's running mate, but her incredibly direct and honest approach to controversial issues such as abortion and capital punishment. Though we are on different ends of the spectrum on both of these issues, as well as others, Paglia takes an approach that many who stand opposite of me do not: she is brazenly forthright and unapologetic about how she feels, and doesn't pretend that the issues are something they are not so as to help sate her conscience.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Warlock 0/21/40
Wow. That's all I have to say about my spec change for Giblet. Brand new to the spec, my first run through Heroic Mechanar and my dps went from ~600 on a good day in mostly affliction/raid boss debuffing to over 1000 for the whole Mech run. The numbers showing up on my screen were nearly unbelievable, I think I had 3 6k+ crits in a row at one point. Anyway, that's all I have for now. It's definitely reinvigorated my love for playing the Warlock class.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin: I was wrong.
Here is a great article on Sarah Palin.

In retrospect, I was too quick in judging McCain's pick for vice president. She's clearly a good woman, strong, and brings a lot of energy to the ticket. Not only that, as per the article linked above, in many ways she redefines feminism in America today. I truly hope she shines throughout the campaign, and having her on the national stage even longer would be fantastic.

Despite all of this, I still have major issues casting a ballot for the candidate that no one can really say stands for anything. In many senses, I'm glad he has claimed the lead in most polls. In others, I still feel the sting of no true candidates that represent what I believe will be right for this nation as we carry, presumably, forward.

I would gladly cast my vote for Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, she's not running for the presidency. This time.


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