Friday, August 31, 2007

De Palma Who?
I know this scenario will stun you, but another Hollywood director has decided it is his obligation to attempt shaping United States foreign policy. The difference between this fellow and most of the others is, at first glance, De Palma has opted to launch a full scale attack on the integrity of the American military. I would highly recommend watching the video provided here. The first part gives us a true view of the director. The embassy attacks, the 2 World Trade Center attacks, the Pentagon attack... all of these are our fault. In his own overly smug way the director lays out his plans for the upcoming film, making clear his view that demonizing soldiers and showing countless dead Iraqis and military coffins will turn the tide of American opinion against the war, similar to the big media/Hollywood tactics related to Vietnam. Will De Palma let viewers know that most of the soldiers involved in this horrific incident have been through court martials? My guess is that if it's even mentioned, it will be to accentuate how terrible our fighting men are, that they should receive such terrible penalties. So it continues, the relentless assault on our beliefs and success by those that can reach gigantic audiences. These fiends, dhimmis, and useful idiots are the reason that we are going to lose this war, and the war for western civilization. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with the air on the coasts.

For those who didn't know (such as myself), De Palma directed Scarface (and other less noteworthy films).


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A few quick notes...
Just to be clear, I do still exist!

My Time Warner adventure never really quite came around... my internet service was down for a full month. I was promised technicians that never showed up, or showed up and continued making excuses about what the root cause of the problem was. That month, I probably spent more time on hold than I did just about anything else. Eventually I just gave up and signed on with Zoomtown again, and it seems to be working very well at the moment. Anyway, that's that, and I'm online.

Other rather dramatic developments in my life (as well as some recreational activities) have kept my attention away from the Chuckoblog. The most (bitterly) amusing was that expired, and I had to purchase it back.

I look forward to posting on a regular basis regarding politics, religion, and World of Warcraft again soon, so stay tuned.


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