Thursday, August 05, 2010

With the recent ruling....
As Western culture and society continues the decline that all empires and dominant societies must eventually face, I figured I'd post a few links regarding the ruling yesterday, one of which I believe I've posted in the past:

The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage

The Liberal Case Against Gay Marriage

One thing I've always found fascinating is that a "conservative" position is typically considered, by default, to be wrong, bigoted, unfeeling, or cold. Why is this? On some other sites, I've seen comments in articles that do not mention religion at all basically referring to the author of a well written article as a Bible thumping bigot. Yet, "liberal" positions are almost always full of feeling, caring, warmth, and by default correct. It's somewhat maddening. Until I finally stopped paying constant attention to the fate of our society, and trying to raise the dialogue and correct the course, life was pretty depressing.

The future is inevitable, for reference look at the past.

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