Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Awwww... Poor Widdle U.N.
There was a time during my naivete of youth that I looked up to the United Nations as the true key to peace in the world. Imagine... a large governmental body comprised of representatives from every nation on Earth, talking things out instead of fighting, and enforcing international law when necessary. Well, times have changed. There sure is a lot of talking going on at the U.N. A whole heckuva lot of talking. Not so much action, or enforcing international law. Mostly just talking, more specifically about the United States, and what a terrible nation it is. Not generous enough, too violent, too powerful, too much criticism of the U.N., not enough muppets... you get the idea. The U.N. is fundamentally broken, and while the Bush Administration has been supremely disappointing of late, at least they are trying to fix this.

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