Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush Visits Iraq, Media Duped
In what I hope is the midst of a media counter-offensive, President Bush visited Iraq today to endorse the new Prime Minister of that nation. The White House press corps were loaded into a bus for a nice trip to Camp David, then were told that the President was in fact not at that location but in Iraq. The most important thing he had to say:
Iraq is a part of the war on terror. Iraq is a central front on that war, and when Iraq succeeds in having a government of and by and for the people of Iraq, you will have dealt a serious blow to those who have a vision of darkness, who don't believe in liberty, who are willing to kill the innocent in order to achieve a political objective.
The whole speech is here. Nothing like seeing the media get duped... what are they going to do, turn negative? Ask why, being as trustworthy as they are, that they were not informed? Call up John Murtha to give a blistering speech about how American soldiers are baby-eaters that burn down entire villages of women and children with napalm and sodering irons? Certainly there can be nothing positive to say about the President of the most powerful nation on Earth traveling to a country that is in the process of rebuilding itself into a stronger, better nation than before.

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Blogger theoecon said ... (9:51 PM) : 

Yes. And I think it was a very bold move on the part of Mr. Bush. It shows strong support for the new government. Hopefully, it will help quell some of the sectarian and insurgent violence against the Iraqi people.


Anonymous Theo said ... (3:05 AM) : 

You forgot to mention that the Iraqi government was "duped" as well, if you want to use that term.

They didn't know Bush was coming much sooner than the media did.

Really, what was the point? That Dubya can hop in and out of Iraq just to prove that it isn't as bad as the "liberal media" is making it out to be?

Have Georgy make a state visit to Baghdad like he would with any country -- now THAT would be interesting. And gutsy.

So naturally, it'll never happen.


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