Thursday, November 19, 2009

Patience and Gaming
Last night, Innuendo had the weekly "farm status" raid. Many brought their alts, and we decided to run Naxxramas for various reasons. As was to be expected, with a few new to the instance players, and badly geared alts, we wiped a couple of times. This was mostly related to the new players and not the gear so much, which brings me to my point. Patience is truly a virtue in a rewarding online game experience. We were all there once. Yes, I'm looking at you Joe Elitist who ever wiped EVAR and soloed Kael'Thas the day after The Eye opened. You were there once. All of us have had a period where we were unsure of how the game mechanics worked, or what "positive side left, negative side right" meant. We recently had a very good player join our guild. He's really a fantastic guy too, which works out very well... positive, good sense of humor, and generally very patient. After 2 wipes on Thaddius, he whispered me with the statement "I f*cking give up." This surprised me given how I'd repeatedly told him our progression status, and how we generally rolled regarding raids. Later, the new guildie apologized and we talked shop for a while. I have to admit at times that when it seems people just don't listen I become very frustrated with the game. After a while though, I remember my early days of raiding Molten Core and Zul'Gurub, how while I studied boss strategies I didn't really "get the big picture." We all have more fun when we help others to be better at their craft. Patience is a virtue. A temporary, reflexive flash of anger is understandable in such an environment. In the long run, however, those that are constantly insulting others because of the way they move their pixels without providing any positive input as to how they can improve have simply become too involved. Too obsessed with something that will be obsolete in a few years.

You're paying good money to play a game. Have fun. Don't ruin the fun of others. That's really our guild's policy in the end, and the policy I base my playstyle around.


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