Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Iran Keeps Winning Streak Alive
When a child is playing with gasoline, or some other volatile substance, would your first inclination be to reward them with a candy bar? If you did, what would the logical next step for the child be? To react indignantly if in the future any responsible adult attempted to remove them from harm's way, thus ensuring the safety of other children in the area. So here we are with Iran. Apparently, the offer of rewards for acting like an impetulant child were not enough, so a European envoy is on the way with more gifts and incentives! Not only will this allow the Iranians to continue whatever nuclear program they have going below ground, but it will also solidify the mullah's grip on power in a nation where the youth appear to be mostly pro democracy. Say what you will about Old Europe, they are no longer our allies other than militarily. We still discuss differences with them, but only until their new currently underground governments take hold in about 20 years. Sharia law will be interpreted the same in French and German as it is in Arabic (but don't tell the Europeans... for them, problems go away if you ignore them!).

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