Thursday, June 22, 2006

Come on Yolanda what's Fonzie like?
Political correctness has done much to destroy civilization, and a good example appeared recently.
Five individuals immediately complained to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority watchdog, citing religious grounds. Labour MP Stephen Pound said the advertisement was "truly horrible. This is such a horrible image and is so horribly war-like that it can only be described as Nike being crass, offensive and insensitive as they try to hitch poor old Rooney to their commercial band-wagon." This according to the Daily Mail. The ad, originally meant to be a poster, was produced by Wieden and Kennedy, NKE's agency.
C'mon guys, seriously... just CHILL OUT. I doubt sincerely that Rooney is very poor following this advertisement. Regardless, mocking the crucifixion is not cool (I do not believe that is what is going on in this advertisement), but also not illegal. Only issues that directly affect the faith if Islam are illegal. Personally, I thought the advert was really cool... here you have a modern day "hero" of England painted with the cross of St. George, appearing to cry out in elation after having scored a goal. Duh.

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