Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Clinton, Giuliani on the ropes!
American voters are beginning to understand what Hillary Clinton is all about. Her husband was an excellent public speaker, able to mesmerize large audiences with his persuasive style. Hillary is a terrible speaker, and once she truly emerges onto the national scene, things could go very badly for the Democrats. I'd like to refer whatever readers I still have to this post from 05/18/06. It's quite possible that I may be the only person in the nation surprised by the Clinton campaign's consistent strength during primary season. I would say the entirety of this success can be attributed to her powerful organization, nearly limitless funds, and national grassroots operation. While Mrs. Rodham Clinton cannot connect to the public through public speaking, she and her husband do have an incredibly efficient and strong political machine. Of course, if she is able to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, it will have been because of her gennnnder. We can't have the big mean men picking on poor widdle Hill in the middle of a campaign to become President of the United States can we?

Polls such as this one have revealed Senator Clinton's worst nightmare. They also reveal that Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Pat Robertson may have jumped the gun on their favorite liberal activist Rudy Giuliani. That they would be so quick and willing to throw away the very values they base their careers on creates a giant credibility gap as far as I'm concerned. We may have a Republican candidate I can vote for this cycle yet!


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