Friday, June 09, 2006

Colin Powell Wrong Again

Sometimes I wonder if he thinks before he speaks.
"The Berlin Wall did not work perfectly and the wall that the Israelis are putting up is not going to work perfectly," Powell said. "So, a wall alone is not the answer."
Ummmm... the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in, not out. The Israeli wall appears to be working pretty well actually, Colin. You are correct that a wall ALONE is not the answer, however. Once we raise the Great Wall of America, we will need Border Patrol to keep it staffed. This could be a great national project, like the Hoover Dam or the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. Don't just build a wall... make it grand, so that those whom are coming here legally will be welcomed by a massive, impressive, architecturally pleasing structure as they cross the border (at the "official" crossing points).
Powell, speaking at a business conference in Mexico City, said any new barriers should include gates and other entrances to provide easy- access between both countries.
Hey! Hey Colin! Why don't you give this speech in an American city, preferably one where illegal immigration has so crippled the economy that it is barely able to fiscally survive?
"We have to find a way for them to live in dignity and not in fear," he said.
Yes... we have to find a way for everyone in the world who lives without dignity or in fear. Shall we just do away with borders altogether, Colin? We certainly couldn't adopt Mexico's illegal immigration law, since it's so horribly restrictive.

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