Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stress is just faaaaan-tastic...
So... I finally bought a house and I'll be moving in 3 weeks. Of course, the 3 weeks in between will be some of the most fun in my life (guh). I wasn't able to sleep last night, so maybe that's why I've found the sites I've browsed today so funny, but I'll link to 'em anyway. All of them come from early in the days of the Little Green Footballs weblog.

I was laughing so hard at this one, I couldn't catch my breath.

Dancing Paul

Mr. Winkle

These are all I've found so far... if I find more, I'll be sure to relay the info.

UPDATE 06/25/05:

Ahhhhh... I had forgotten about the love at Zombocom

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dean is money in the bank!
For those of us who remember the "do no evil" Clinton media years, it's still very refreshing to experience a bit of media parity every now and then. See Fox News reporter Brian Williams asking a question of Harry Reid that certainly was on MY mind (and I would hope others) as he exposed Dean logic. Dean hates Republicans and feels that they are evil. The Republican party is a part of white Christians. So... logic MUST dictate that Dean hates white Christans. Not so much a good thing for the chairman of a major political party to share. Michelle Malkin has a good write-up on this one.
Look ma, I got titles!
I'll be darned. Blogger DOES offer titles, I was just too lazy to go looking! So huzzah for that. Also, I've added a trackback option (actually, I had Haloscan automatically do it, which incidentally eliminated all comments from my blog and added a big Haloscan comment). So anyway, that's that. I'm happy to have titles, and grateful to Haloscan for offering trackback (but not grateful for elimination of comments so much).
Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.
Pope Benedict XVI has continued John Paul II's insistence that abstinence is the only failsafe way to prevent the wildfire spread of AIDS. This is a fact, of course. The media, however, insist on continuing to portray it as an outdated view out of touch with reality. I think my favorite aspect regarding articles of this flavor are the teasers about other church officials that oppose the pope's view. So the drumbeat of no personal responsibility for actions continues, and society marches continually downward into a morass of moral relativism and idiocy.

What? If I continually inhale smoke into my lungs for 40 years I might DIE from it? If I jam fatty fried foods down my yap consistently I'll get fat? HUH? If I can't keep my pants up for more than 2 straight minutes I might wind up with a fatal pathogen? Coffee right out of the pot is hot? No, surely you jest, I'll pour some on my lap to mock you!
It seems as though every time I really start to enjoy a show, it gets cancelled. The Contender is, unfortunately, not an exception. There have been rumors about moving to another network (ESPN), and many have pointed out the fact that NBC has not officially released or cancelled the show as of this writing. I just find it hard to understand that while almost everyone I know was watching the show (and those that didn't started to once I introduced them to it), virtually no one else in the nation was. This show was the first "reality" (read: gameshow) series that I thoroughly enjoyed watching, and led me to explore others such as The Apprentice and Survivor. Personally, I'm not a huge boxing fan, but the editing made every fighter a compelling personality with a very good reason to win the grand prize, and every fight an epic struggle for the right to move on. Thanks guys, for putting this show on. Sly, Sugar Ray, Tommy Gallagher, Mark Burnett, thanks for giving me one of the greatest TV seasons ever. Should The Contender surface elsewhere, I'll be watching.

Thursday, June 09, 2005 has an extensive collection of flash animation. I'd say about 90% of it is QUITE amusing, in particular the Kittens section. Even more specifically, the Angry Kittens. If you're looking for a hearty laugh, I'd recommend a visit to this site.
Ken Blackwell is the clear choice for Ohio voters in the 2006 gubernatorial race. I had a chance to meet him very briefly at the '95 or '96 (sorry, memory fails me) Ohio College Republican State Convention, and he struck me as an honest, hardworking individual. On top of that, he also appears to be one of the very few Republicans in Ohio that aren't flaming liberals. What's wrong with Ohio Republicans? I dunno. Taft is out of control, and Voinovich and Dewine are press-hungry turncoats. The three most powerful politicians in the state, all Republicans, all tax and spend liberals. They and their posse came together to deny Mr. Blackwell a chance at the governorship a few years ago, hopefully this time we can put him over the top.

UPDATE 06/11/05:
No sooner do I issue the monumental Chucko endorsement than I find out that Pat Dewine is using Ken Blackwell in his campaign literature. Guh. I'd like to think that Ken is not aware of his image being used, for if he were to endorse Dewine, I'd have serious reservations about endorsing him.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Please, if you live in Ohio's 2nd District, get out and vote in the primary on 06/14. Pat Dewine is not only the son of a cowardly RINO, he is also a scoundrel and a fink. If you'll recall...

Three years ago, Pat DeWine left his wife shortly before their third child was born and began a relationship with Betty Hull, a Republican political activist and lobbyist. The marriage ended in divorce; DeWine and Hull are still together. -

I'm not certain who has the best chance of beating this fool, but if I find out I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 06/10/05:
To this point, Anthony Munoz and John Boehner have endorsed McEwen. It's looking like he'll be the one, if anyone has the goods to beat slimey.

UPDATE 06/14/05:
Dewine has finished FOURTH with about 12%. Amazing. I wanted Brinkman to win, but voted for McEwen because I thought he could beat Dewine. Schmidt wins with about 31%. Go figure. Nice work Jean, I'll be supporting you in a few weeks no doubt.
Infuriating. In a move similar to the racist proposal to remember the three firefighters that raised the flag at ground zero on 9/11, the forces behind a memorial for that dark day are turning it into a world "diversity" festival. No doubt the proposed exhibit will decry America's role in the world. Please help us stop these bad people.
More information.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

My buddy JP and I headed out to Gamestop last night, and struck up some conversation with the employees. In the STORE RELEASE BOOK they had a picture of this little puppy. Even though I saw it with my own eyes, I still find it such an exciting concept it's tough to believe. Nintendo, I love you.
Indian Lake, OH is a truly fantastic place to mellow out. My immediate family and grandparents used to go up there frequently when I was a child, and the memories are among my fondest. While attending college, my buddies and Now I visit my parents' place up there (used to stay at my grandparents') and it's really more relaxing than just about any other experience I can imagine. If you get a chance, enjoy the lake.
My surf around the blogosphere has again landed me at The Anchoress. She has some particularly amusing commentary regarding a certain question answered by Scott McClellan and pointed at GWB.
THAT is what Scott McClellan should have said to this wind-tunnel-brained, latte-drinking, trendy, insulated, isolated,this-season’s-glasses-wearing, silly ass.
I could not have put it any better myself!
I'm probably going to take my Catholic website and just turn it into a blog, as it was intended for commentaries anyway. One of the first posts will likely be regarding this abomination. How ridiculous do people have to get? I'm linking The Anchoress because she has a really good commentary on the article as a whole. Judith Christ? Next we'll be hearing about Melissa and the Ten Commandments and Amanda Lincoln leading the Union to victory in the Civil War.

Friday, June 03, 2005

So, I followed a link from my friend Bob's blog recently which really turned out to be fantastic. It's about dynamic networking, and this Ferrazzi guy really seems to have his ducks in a row. I'd highly recommend this for young professionals who want to succeed. Here's a sample:

If you're so bold as to want to be president of the United States or a respected CEO in the Fortune 500, I would argue that you won't get there by knowing a lot of middle-level people.
Ben Stein has something to say about the whole "Deep Throat" affair. I personally didn't agree with many of President Nixon's policy positions, but he was a man of many accomplishments and great mind.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A couple of great articles on the truth about the crusades:

Christianity Today
Catholic Encyclopedia

No, I guess they're not "unbiased" sources, however they are well written and based in fact. Myth based movies such as the one that recently was released are a sign of great ignorance.
If you haven't seen Team America: World Police, I'd highly recommend it. Having seen it 3 times in the theater, and once on dvd already, I consider myself an expert on this particular film. Be careful however, despite being a puppet show, it is ABSOLUTELY not for kids. ESPECIALLY the uncensored/unrated version. That version isn't even for most adults.
Well, THIS had me chuckling for an hour or two. Wow. Earth to left, Earth to left, come in American left.

Go to the source!