Tuesday, June 13, 2006

VDH: Iraq Not Vietnam
Those who are well informed know this, but there is much less tragedy in Iraq now than there was in Vietnam. That is to say, the loss of life during wartime has substantially decreased during that time. There have always been, and always will be horrible things that happen during war. Davis writes:
As with the formulaic type scenes of Homeric epic, there now arises a sense of familiarity with the current outcries over Haditha.

We do not really know yet what happened in that terrorist-infected hellhole, but it seems not to matter. Those who customarily decry the supposed loss of civil liberties are now the first to rush to judgment — reminding us that it is not always principle per se that they embrace, but a partisanship to be advanced at all costs.

Like Abu Ghraib, the killings will be used to vilify the military, and, ultimately, to curtail the American effort in Iraq — despite the good news of the recent appointment of the remaining three Iraqi cabinet officials and the demise of the mass-murdering Zarqawi. Just as the public was bombarded with scenes of a few dozen naked Iraqis and dog leashes in 2004, or cries of mythical flushed Korans in 2005 — never the mass graves of Saddam — so too we now hear only of a new My Lai.
The whole article can be found here. Read it all.

There are many great and positive things going on in Iraq at this very moment. Why can the left not bring themselves to support turning this society, tormented for 24 years, into a thriving community that can compete on the international level? It's simple. If Iraq succeeds, America succeeds. This means that President Bush succeeds, and they can't handle that.

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