Thursday, September 29, 2005

"There is nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster." - Dr. Evil
Windsor Mann has a terrific write up regarding aging hipsters. At the same time, I find myself loathing and admiring these bands/individuals. Sure, they're spewing what the left spews daily at the Bush administration and Republicans in general, however they are also making lots of money doing it. I've never been able to fault the practice of exploiting idiots, particularly for financial gain.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kitty Waterers
I recently acquired a Drinkwell kitty fountain, and will be setting it up tonight. Cats are highly susceptible to kidney problems, and the more clean water they drink, the better off they are. Previously I had a Petmate fountain which worked quite well, but was a pain in the butt to clean. I may order a replacement part and get it up and running again, however, as it does provide clean running water and having 2 sources for the kitties could only be good. If anyone has any comments/ideas about such products, I'd like to hear them!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just a random thought...
A memory popped into my head today, a more frequent occurrence as the years go on. Many years ago, say... musta been '95, several months after a big breakup I mailed my ex and basically stated I had done much wrong in our relationship and apologizing for generally being a jackass. I expected, in kind, a letter of reply with essentially the same contents, thus ensuring our enduring friendship through the next century and beyond. To my great surprise, what I recieved was a "yep, you sure were a jackass!" letter. This post has so far been purely setup, you'll see, as there is only one line from the afforementioned letter that I shall excerpt:

"You precariously tread the fine line between love and hate."

Yeah. That's right. Has anyone ever said anything so cool about you? Cha-CHING.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Catholic Position on Abortion and the Death Penalty
I was browsing the net to backup my position in a debate on one of the Catholic forums I frequent, and found this GREAT article which sums up the moral position of the Church on this issue. Bishop Galeone proves to be eloquent and well-written.

Go to the source!