Thursday, January 31, 2008

Straight talk, indeed!
As I peruse the various blogs that have decided to support Mitt, I'm seeing a rather bitter streak of McCain supporters leaving comments referring to us as "stupid babies," and to "get over it." While this is classy, the party-line "Rs" have to understand that while politics is a fun game, the results ultimately have consequences. The only way to counter the impending liberal presidency (whether it is McCain, Clinton, or Obama) will be to elect a conservative Congress. That being said, even if you see no point in attempting to discern the differences in opinion of Hillary or John, and refuse to make a vote based on this ambiguity, please vote anyway for the conservative running for congress in your district. This may be the only way we can keep the 2 headed liberal monster from taking the little we have left.

McCain, Schwartznegger, Giuliani, the New York Times. If that's not enough, please research his record.

For those who enjoy labeling and calling names as opposed to policy discussion and reasoned argument, understand that none of this will win me over to your side. If McCain had any sort of internal compass that directed him which was not related to political expediency, I'd have to give him further consideration.

Update (Same Day):

A little insight into McCain's judicial nominating thought process.

Also, regarding the Senator's immigration bill.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain Wins!
And the Republicans move another step closer to losing the entire conservative vote! Ah well, hopefully they'll come to their senses before the general election and nominate someone that we can vote for. The media has convinced everyone that McCain is the only Republican that can beat a Democrat. This is the way they are leading us to defeat. Liberal(D) versus Liberal(R). Not a decision I want to make, nor do I intend to.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Release the Hatred
The Anchoress has a really great writeup on anger and resentment here.

The reason I'm linking it is that I have been dealing with a similar situation recently (as I believe many of us likely have) and she has a way with words that I do not. It's a beautiful post and well worth the time to read it. I understand how hate is a waste of time, and have tried to train myself to ignore it, and understand how it poisons and controls one's life. Unfortunately, we all succumb to it every now and then, the key is being able to assess what's going on and step back. Distancing myself from the issue seems to help me see the bigger picture and simply let the hate roll by, and allows me to take control back of my mind and emotions.


Blah vs. Blah for Superbowl Title
Cheaters vs. Whiners in the epic struggle for NFL champ this year. I really didn't have a problem with the Patriots until it came out that they were intercepting plays via radio. Since then, I've not really been a big fan, so to speak. Eli Manning... crybaby... boo hoo, a team that hadn't had much success drafted me, so I'm going to whine until I get traded because my big brother is arguably the best quarterback in the league. I was kind of hoping the Chargers would have made it, and beaten the Giants in what would be a hugely ironic twist. Ah well, I probably won't even be watching it this year, but at least the NFL didn't go on strike/lockout and cancel the Superbowl.


Would Somebody Please Tell Mike Huckabee to SHUT UP?
First it was the Jesus/Devil Mormon comment. Then it was the campaign commercial the he was "holier than though" on not airing. After that, somebody involved in his campaign (I can't remember who or what) made a rather violent comment regarding one of his competitors for the nomination. Now, Chuck Norris (yes, the immortal, all powerful) has taken on the lapdog role in dissing John McCain's age. You all know I'm no fan of McCain, but amazingly I'm quickly becoming *less* of a fan of Huckabee. Please Mike, just SHUT UP, and if you're going to make a brash comment do it yourself instead of sending pathetic tools to make a comment, then immediately apologize for them. It's pathetic.

Update (Same Day):

The individual that made the comment about Mitt Romney was Huckabee's national campaign manager, Ed Rollins:
"I admire the fact he's trying to change the environment," Rollins says. "What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn't get in the way of my thought process."


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Thank goodness, Michigan has provided Romney with a much needed shot in the arm. I never thought I'd say thank you and Michigan in the same sentence. Let's keep the ball rolling!


Monday, January 14, 2008

John McCain
A little something for the John McCain fans out there.
Why I Can't Listen to Sean Hannity
It seems like most of the popular talk show hosts go through phases where they are simply "off" their game. Hopefully this is the case for Hannity, though his run has lasted longer than I would have hoped. Where Rush has improved dramatically in recent years after falling off during his... ahem... less reputable days, and Glenn Beck has on and off days, Hannity is in a current slump that he seems to enthusiastically embrace. I can appreciate having strong views and defending them vigorously, but Hannity simply pummels the guests he does not agree with, introduces some callers as "liberals" in a drippingly condescending tone, repeats certain Republican party talking points 3 times in a row, using different words to describe the same thing, and is just generally hard to listen to. I think, of these many things, the one that bothers me most is when reasoned liberal callers attempt to address an issue from their perspective, Hannity will simply insult them repeatedly until they hang up, or he terminates the call. This is confusing for me, as I usually find sympathy with the liberal caller over Sean. Combined with the repeated talking points, to the point of being insufferably annoying, I rarely find myself tuned to the Sean Hannity Show these days. Come back to the fold Sean, stop bullying people and once again address issues with facts and reason.
Raid Leaders: Know the Good Ones
Several months ago, actually probably nearing a year ago, I formed a guild named Innuendo on the Horde side of the Runetotem server. We were a small guild, made up of local friends and people we'd played with from the game for some time. Well, time passed and Innuendo is, for all intents and purposes, dead. The point in my telling you this is that during that time, I took it upon myself to lead some raids. Personally, I don't think that my raid leadership was very good. Some positives were I really enjoyed researching mobs and bosses. Negatives were when you're tanking, it's tough to even take a second to hit the talk key on Vent and call out orders. Given the makeup of our group, we were fairly successful.

Fast forward to today. The guild in which I currently have my main alliance toon is a good one... they're progressing very well through the 25 man content, given that they are mostly a casual guild. I've experienced some really truly great leaders, and feel that I may be able to step up to the plate when I go into an instance as DPS.

A bit of advice to prospective raid leaders: constantly communicate. Always let people know what is happening, what to expect prior to a fight (including trash mobs), and what to bring into the raid. Above all else, if you are not going to show up, let the 9-24 additional raiders that depend on you to be there about your absence at least 24 hours in advance. It's a game, you're supposed to have fun, but having your time wasted is not fun.


Same ole, same ole...
Just doesn't seem to be much new to post about lately. I got a job at what seems to be a really great place, so that's nice. Romney has pulled slightly ahead in Michigan, which is good... slightly. Pope Benedict performed several baptisms recently, all using the traditional method of pouring water over the head, as opposed to the new "charismatic" technique of throwing the baby into a pool of water.

The only thing really eating at me is over the weekend a letter was received from my deceased grandmother's nursing home... presumably. There was no return address, no signature, and no zip stamp from the post office. It merely stated that she was abused and peed on, because our family acted like we were "better" than the staff, for whom the letter was collectively written. This comes 2.5 months after her passing. We're taking the letter to be checked for prints, and we're going to have the attorney general investigate the home. Everyone was always very kind to us at the home, so I don't suspect any individual from that place, and actually feel it may have come from someone unrelated to the organization.

To whoever had written this letter, you are a terrible person. We are going to find you, and make sure the world knows.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Clinton Bounces Off the Ropes, McCain Busts Through the Gates
So here we are again, HRC's clever little tearfest helping her immensely in New Hampshire, and John McCain becoming the latest "inevitable" candidate for the Republicans. At this point I am concerned about Mitt Romney... he has the funds, the intelligence, and the political savvy to become president, but Republican primary voters have opted for less impressive candidates at both major opening votes. Mike Huckabee's comment regarding Romney seeming more like somebody's boss than their coworker hit painfully close to home for the former Massachusetts governor. Perhaps the most concerning thing thus far in the primary season is the quiet campaign of Rudy Giuliani. He's been trounced in Iowa and New Hampshire, but is quietly laying the groundwork for a huge Super Tuesday surprise. If Giuliani wins the nomination, then the Republicans have lost the general before it has even begun, no matter the Democratic candidate.


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