Monday, January 14, 2008

Same ole, same ole...
Just doesn't seem to be much new to post about lately. I got a job at what seems to be a really great place, so that's nice. Romney has pulled slightly ahead in Michigan, which is good... slightly. Pope Benedict performed several baptisms recently, all using the traditional method of pouring water over the head, as opposed to the new "charismatic" technique of throwing the baby into a pool of water.

The only thing really eating at me is over the weekend a letter was received from my deceased grandmother's nursing home... presumably. There was no return address, no signature, and no zip stamp from the post office. It merely stated that she was abused and peed on, because our family acted like we were "better" than the staff, for whom the letter was collectively written. This comes 2.5 months after her passing. We're taking the letter to be checked for prints, and we're going to have the attorney general investigate the home. Everyone was always very kind to us at the home, so I don't suspect any individual from that place, and actually feel it may have come from someone unrelated to the organization.

To whoever had written this letter, you are a terrible person. We are going to find you, and make sure the world knows.


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