Monday, January 21, 2008

Blah vs. Blah for Superbowl Title
Cheaters vs. Whiners in the epic struggle for NFL champ this year. I really didn't have a problem with the Patriots until it came out that they were intercepting plays via radio. Since then, I've not really been a big fan, so to speak. Eli Manning... crybaby... boo hoo, a team that hadn't had much success drafted me, so I'm going to whine until I get traded because my big brother is arguably the best quarterback in the league. I was kind of hoping the Chargers would have made it, and beaten the Giants in what would be a hugely ironic twist. Ah well, I probably won't even be watching it this year, but at least the NFL didn't go on strike/lockout and cancel the Superbowl.


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