Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I Can't Listen to Sean Hannity
It seems like most of the popular talk show hosts go through phases where they are simply "off" their game. Hopefully this is the case for Hannity, though his run has lasted longer than I would have hoped. Where Rush has improved dramatically in recent years after falling off during his... ahem... less reputable days, and Glenn Beck has on and off days, Hannity is in a current slump that he seems to enthusiastically embrace. I can appreciate having strong views and defending them vigorously, but Hannity simply pummels the guests he does not agree with, introduces some callers as "liberals" in a drippingly condescending tone, repeats certain Republican party talking points 3 times in a row, using different words to describe the same thing, and is just generally hard to listen to. I think, of these many things, the one that bothers me most is when reasoned liberal callers attempt to address an issue from their perspective, Hannity will simply insult them repeatedly until they hang up, or he terminates the call. This is confusing for me, as I usually find sympathy with the liberal caller over Sean. Combined with the repeated talking points, to the point of being insufferably annoying, I rarely find myself tuned to the Sean Hannity Show these days. Come back to the fold Sean, stop bullying people and once again address issues with facts and reason.

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Blogger Luke said ... (11:09 AM) : 

I totally agree. Sean is just rude. In my opinion Sean has very thin arguments most of the time. So when he gets called out with a reasonable, contrary argument, he simply reverts to name-calling.

That's not say, I don't agree with his positions many times. I just think he doesn't have a personal foundation that is strong enough to support his contentions.

Additionally, he seems to be supporting Rudy, who, in my opinion, is nowhere near a conservative.

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Blogger Jim said ... (9:42 PM) : 

I had the same reaction to Rush Limbaugh about 10 years ago. I remember telling you that I just couldn't listen to him and you thought that I was crazy. Never fear Chuck, Rush turned it around and so will Hannity.


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