Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI has continued John Paul II's insistence that abstinence is the only failsafe way to prevent the wildfire spread of AIDS. This is a fact, of course. The media, however, insist on continuing to portray it as an outdated view out of touch with reality. I think my favorite aspect regarding articles of this flavor are the teasers about other church officials that oppose the pope's view. So the drumbeat of no personal responsibility for actions continues, and society marches continually downward into a morass of moral relativism and idiocy.

What? If I continually inhale smoke into my lungs for 40 years I might DIE from it? If I jam fatty fried foods down my yap consistently I'll get fat? HUH? If I can't keep my pants up for more than 2 straight minutes I might wind up with a fatal pathogen? Coffee right out of the pot is hot? No, surely you jest, I'll pour some on my lap to mock you!

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