Saturday, June 11, 2005

It seems as though every time I really start to enjoy a show, it gets cancelled. The Contender is, unfortunately, not an exception. There have been rumors about moving to another network (ESPN), and many have pointed out the fact that NBC has not officially released or cancelled the show as of this writing. I just find it hard to understand that while almost everyone I know was watching the show (and those that didn't started to once I introduced them to it), virtually no one else in the nation was. This show was the first "reality" (read: gameshow) series that I thoroughly enjoyed watching, and led me to explore others such as The Apprentice and Survivor. Personally, I'm not a huge boxing fan, but the editing made every fighter a compelling personality with a very good reason to win the grand prize, and every fight an epic struggle for the right to move on. Thanks guys, for putting this show on. Sly, Sugar Ray, Tommy Gallagher, Mark Burnett, thanks for giving me one of the greatest TV seasons ever. Should The Contender surface elsewhere, I'll be watching.

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