Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Please, if you live in Ohio's 2nd District, get out and vote in the primary on 06/14. Pat Dewine is not only the son of a cowardly RINO, he is also a scoundrel and a fink. If you'll recall...

Three years ago, Pat DeWine left his wife shortly before their third child was born and began a relationship with Betty Hull, a Republican political activist and lobbyist. The marriage ended in divorce; DeWine and Hull are still together. -

I'm not certain who has the best chance of beating this fool, but if I find out I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 06/10/05:
To this point, Anthony Munoz and John Boehner have endorsed McEwen. It's looking like he'll be the one, if anyone has the goods to beat slimey.

UPDATE 06/14/05:
Dewine has finished FOURTH with about 12%. Amazing. I wanted Brinkman to win, but voted for McEwen because I thought he could beat Dewine. Schmidt wins with about 31%. Go figure. Nice work Jean, I'll be supporting you in a few weeks no doubt.

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Am I in Ohio's 2nd district?


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