Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stress is just faaaaan-tastic...
So... I finally bought a house and I'll be moving in 3 weeks. Of course, the 3 weeks in between will be some of the most fun in my life (guh). I wasn't able to sleep last night, so maybe that's why I've found the sites I've browsed today so funny, but I'll link to 'em anyway. All of them come from early in the days of the Little Green Footballs weblog.

I was laughing so hard at this one, I couldn't catch my breath.

Dancing Paul

Mr. Winkle

These are all I've found so far... if I find more, I'll be sure to relay the info.

UPDATE 06/25/05:

Ahhhhh... I had forgotten about the love at Zombocom

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