Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ken Blackwell is the clear choice for Ohio voters in the 2006 gubernatorial race. I had a chance to meet him very briefly at the '95 or '96 (sorry, memory fails me) Ohio College Republican State Convention, and he struck me as an honest, hardworking individual. On top of that, he also appears to be one of the very few Republicans in Ohio that aren't flaming liberals. What's wrong with Ohio Republicans? I dunno. Taft is out of control, and Voinovich and Dewine are press-hungry turncoats. The three most powerful politicians in the state, all Republicans, all tax and spend liberals. They and their posse came together to deny Mr. Blackwell a chance at the governorship a few years ago, hopefully this time we can put him over the top.

UPDATE 06/11/05:
No sooner do I issue the monumental Chucko endorsement than I find out that Pat Dewine is using Ken Blackwell in his campaign literature. Guh. I'd like to think that Ken is not aware of his image being used, for if he were to endorse Dewine, I'd have serious reservations about endorsing him.

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