Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WoW Strategy
So.. I think I have the warlock strategy down pretty much, having run many high level instances many times with many different groups... getting a good feel for the strengths of each class, and what would be required for a successful run. Also made the pickup on my Dreadsteed the other day, thanks to my guildies (and an unfortunately failed run at Molten Core). I am not, however, confident in my ability to play my shaman in a group setting. I can solo pretty well, but not having grouped very often, it's kind of hard to tell what you need to do as a tanking/healing/magey type class. If anyone has extensive experience in this regard, I'd love to hear about it. The general consensus is that restorative shaman are best for end game material. To that end, what are the best talent specs/spell strategies, etc? Also, in my newly formed guild of mostly local friends, my shaman will likely be the most heavily armored and strongest member. I'm thinking I should level my very low level warrior for primary tanking duties rather than rely on the shammy. Ah well, random thoughts from WoW. I appreciate any shammy advice people may contribute.


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Anonymous Dave said ... (9:48 AM) : 

I have a 60 shaman, decked out in epic pvp and mc / zg gear. Yes, playing a shaman is sometimes fun healing in a big 40 man raids but it does eventually get boring.. Try having your shaman being your pvp charcter, overpowered it will be! Get your warrior up to 60 and start tanking for your guild, it will help them more to progress in MC and it's a lot more fun :) I currently have a 60 shaman, 60 druid, 60 mage, 60 lock and a 60 hunter.. So if you have any other questions about classes and such, post some more! For the horde!


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