Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tim Johnson Suffers Stroke
I'm not posting this to write about the potential shakeup in Congress, but to point out the news media taking advantage of a very unfortunate event in the life of Tim Johnson, the newly elected Senator from South Dakota. While I could care less about celebrity news, reports that a senator-elect of the United States has suffered a stroke is certainly important. It disgusts me that Big Media have taken this opportunity to make this into a control of Congress issue. I wish Tim Johnson the absolute best. Though I may disagree with his choice of party, and probably with his ideology, he and his family deserve our prayers.

Update (12/19/06):

I was going to update this several days ago, but other items gained priority. Turns out Sen. Johnson was actually in his second term, and in fact did not suffer a stroke. The point of the post, of course, was to wish him well and point out the rabid, scary nature of the news media.


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