Friday, August 29, 2008

So, John McCain decided to announce his pick today. Some even paid attention, and others even went so far as to care!

Sarah Palin is a rising star in the GOP. National review had varied takes on the pick... but seriously folks, Alaska. 3 electoral votes the Republicans have every election. The mighty power of Arizona and Alaska shall swing this election!

Ah well, hopefully things will hold together until 2012 when a candidate I can actually stomach voting for.


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Anonymous Bob said ... (11:27 PM) : 

Hey there Chucko. Just watched Palin's speech, and I think McCain made the right choice for VP. It has earned him my vote. I loved her, and I think her energy is going to be what gives McCain a chance at beating the Obama train.


Blogger Jim said ... (8:09 PM) : 

get over yourself and vote for him chuck. the heir apparent is on the ticket. don't tell me you don't like her.


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