Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just a random thought...
A memory popped into my head today, a more frequent occurrence as the years go on. Many years ago, say... musta been '95, several months after a big breakup I mailed my ex and basically stated I had done much wrong in our relationship and apologizing for generally being a jackass. I expected, in kind, a letter of reply with essentially the same contents, thus ensuring our enduring friendship through the next century and beyond. To my great surprise, what I recieved was a "yep, you sure were a jackass!" letter. This post has so far been purely setup, you'll see, as there is only one line from the afforementioned letter that I shall excerpt:

"You precariously tread the fine line between love and hate."

Yeah. That's right. Has anyone ever said anything so cool about you? Cha-CHING.

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