Monday, November 13, 2006

Simpsons Jump the Shark
Wait... this must be like the 24th time this show has jumped the proverbial Fonzie shark. Family Guy and The Simpsons have taken it upon themselves to not only criticize the military, but insult recruiters and the organization itself. Everyone who still watches The Simpsons must only do so out of habit. I stopped watching about 15 years ago, when it became uninspired and started recycling jokes. Once South Park pulled the cover away from the methodology for writing Family Guy shows, and Seth McFarlane decided to start using it as his personal political stage, that show also ceased to be funny. Why is it that when some entertainers find immense fame, they feel an absolute need to taint it with their political leanings? At least Matt and Trey are equal opportunity satirists, this is what helps to keep South Park fresh and interesting. It's too bad about Family Guy and The Simpsons... they were good cartoons, once upon a time.

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Blogger Jim said ... (6:10 PM) : 

Does anyone even watch the Simpsons anymore. I bet I haven't seen an original episode in over 10 years


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