Monday, November 13, 2006

The Game
This weekend should be packed full o' football for me. While I've all but given up on my Titans and Bengals in the NFL, the high school game of the year in Ohio will be taking place on (thankfully) Friday at U.C.'s Nippert Stadium. If I'm feeling healthy, which has been rare of late, I may drive down and catch some of the action between Tom's St. Xavier Bombers and the Colerain Cardinals.

The next day, a buddy and I are likely going to hop down to Nippert yet again to catch the mighty Rutgers Scarlet Knights take on U.C.'s Bearcats. We will not be in the stadium after 3:30pm, however, as sticking around any longer than that would prevent us from catching every second of The Game, live.

This rivalry, in my opinion, is the greatest in all of football, at any level of football. The only trophy typically brought home from this game is that of the Big Ten Conference Champions. This year, however, the prize is greater still. A national championship is very likely to ride on the outcome of this game. I was actually moderately surprised to find out that this is the very first time the schools are meeting as numbers 1 and 2 in the nation, and how incredibly fulfilling this matchup is shaping out to be. My brief analysis, and I don't pretend to be unbiased but do attempt it regarding sports prognostications, is that the Michigan Wolverines are a very, very good team. Their defense is probably the best in the nation this year, and the offense has scored enough to get them the wins. Ohio State appears to have the complete package they were lacking in years past. The offense, projected to be outstanding, has not disappointed thanks to the brilliant leadership of Troy Smith. A very young defense did what Tressel defenses do, and came of age early in the season standing up to (at the time) #2 Texas and rolling through the rest of the year. I feel that the Wolverines will have a tough time scoring on the Buckeyes, and feel this game will end in favor of OSU 24-14. It's possible that both teams could wind up in the Fiesta Bowl, and if the game is close, I don't see how they could not.

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