Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PC Support Advice
I'm thinking of posting occasionally on support advice regarding PCs, since I've been in the industry now for 8 years, and would like to help out those who have questions or have seen issues. Today's advice: save everything you love and cherish, and wish to keep, in your my documents folder. Today at work, an individual's windows installation corrupted. I tried everything I knew (the big stickler was the administrative password refused to work despite multiple attempts to change it using various means), and eventually wound up having to reimage the hard drive. Because this individual saved files in many folders, on all partitions, I had to create a backup of the entire drive so as not to lose any of their information. The full backup, about 25gb over usb 2.0, took about 45 minutes. The restore may not take as long. The point is, if I knew where the files were that this person wanted to keep, I would not have had to backup the massive windows folders, temp directories, and other extraneous directories. This would have resulted in the backup and restore taking about 5 minutes, and saved both my time and more importantly, theirs.


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