Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Group Policy Matters
The local morning show here featured an interview with Amy of Policy Matters, and I'll paraphrase what I took away from the interview since I unforunately wasn't recording it:

55KRC: So, about this minimum wage increase, people have argued that it is good and bad, what is your take?

Amy: Oh, it's great! Super! Fantastic! Anyone that thinks otherwise is out of touch, and hates workers!

55KRC: But won't this cause prices to be raised at businesses that operate with workers mostly around the minimum wage (restaurants, etc)?

Amy: Pennies on the dollar! Most people are happy to pay more so that minimum wage workers can make more! Higher minimum wage equals MORE jobs in the studies we've done (no citation).

55KRC: But if you look at companies like Ford, where a Mustang may have cost $3,500 dollars 50 years ago, but today costs $35,000 and now they realize as a company that they are going to go bust from raising salaries so much, the evidence appears to be to the contrary.

Amy: You guys and your listeners are out of touch! Since so many people in so many states voted for it, it must be right!

55KRC: Well, Hitler won an election to gain his power...

Amy: Yep, and George W. Bush won an election as well!

*uncomfortable pause*

It was here that I stopped listening.
So there you go. Kudos to Jerry and Craig, who I feel are normally not very good at doing interviews, for asking the right questions here. I wish I had an audio file to share, it was truly... revealing that the left still not only holds a delusional obsession with the president, but feels that those who disagree with them are to be talked down to. Prepare yourself for the next 2 years, and possibly more given that the enemy controls the media.

Update (Same Day):

From an official release -
Policy Matters Ohio is a nonprofit, nonpartisan statewide research institute dedicated to researching how our economy can work better for everyone in Ohio.
Yeah, a "nonpartisan" group whose founder who believes the administration of George W. Bush is comparable to that of Adolf Hitler. No agenda here, move along...

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