Monday, November 13, 2006

Blogger Changes
Looks like Blogger has decided to change something... making it more friendly to java formatting. The S.O.B. feed is now up (thankfully), which helps me to come up with ideas and stay informed throughout the day. Seriously, check them out, it's all good stuff. I've been toying with the idea of giving a rundown and personal commentary on each S.O.B. blog, and may go forward with that idea in the future. I would also like to make some other formatting changes, and we'll see if Blogger's new outlook on blogging life will enable that!

So here we are. The Democrats will control congress for at least the next two years. I, for one, am keeping an open mind. If they decide that keeping the tax cuts (and possibly pushing the tax rates down further) is a good idea, if border control is at the forefront and real change is made, if there is a genuine commitment to winning the war on terror, and if they affirm true constitutionalist judges, then I will abscond the Republican party and vote Democrat next time. If the Republicans can not find their balance and once again push for true conservative ideals, then I will have a hard time voting for THEM in the next election. With so much in the balance, however, control of Congress and the Presidency may once again force my hand to vote for lukewarm candidates that couldn't carry Ronald Reagan's... hat. Once again, we will have to battle the media AND the Democrats, as well as George Soros' money and the powerful Dem 527s.

We shall see.

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