Monday, April 10, 2006

Pierce for US Senate
Matt has it right, apparently Pierce is the best bet at knocking off Dewine with someone true to his own principles. The Republicans had a chance to end the filibuster on judicial nominees in the Senate, a move which would have cleared the path for qualified judges of any stripe to get an up or down vote by the whole floor as mandated by the constitution. Dewine opted for cowardice.

Personally, I'm opposed to the filibuster under any circumstance. It's a ridiculous rule that was kicked out of the House early on. While it's not likely to change anytime soon, if the libs are going to invoke the filibuster, please make them stand on the floor speaking 24x7 instead of "declaring" filibuster without actually performing. The latter seems to make it more the game of a petulant child.

Update 04/12/06:

It occurred to me that this post may seem more of a back-handed compliment to Pierce, or an attack on Dewine. I've joined the Bloggers for Pierce, as indicated in the right sidebar. I would not support a candidate I did not believe in, and Bill Pierce is someone I can behind one-hundred percent. Here's where he stands on the issues.

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