Monday, April 10, 2006

Specter: Preparing to Switch Parties in the Fall
In what will come as no big surprise to those who have followed politics semi-closely over the past decade or so, Arlen Specter is "calling out" George W. Bush:
"I think that it is necessary for the president and the vice president to tell the American people exactly what happened," Specter told Fox News Sunday

Of course you do Arlen, all the better to bolster your own career within the minority party. Isn't it about time we gave this tired argument a rest? I'm sure some of you have noticed the "controversy" has switched from Valerie Plame to Niger and back again several times, to keep the attention span of the American people short on this issue.

Reason #41 of Why I Love CNN:
Some U.S. intelligence at the time bolstered Wilson's position that the uranium claim was not supported by evidence. But the information that the Bush administration released, selected from the classified National Intelligence Estimate, supported the administration's stance.

Ahhh... I see... "Some" U.S. intelligence (Wilson's) bolstered Wilson's position, while the Bush Administration's position was only supported by "selected" information. Right.

Update (Same Day):

More on the 16 magical words of yore.

Yet more.

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