Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stop Amnesty Now!
The title of this post is intentionally ridiculous to point out how we've allowed the libs to control the tone of this incredibly important debate. Amnesty is a very warm, kind word to describe what the Senate is trying to do to the United States with the latest bill. If the very first thing you do when entering a foreign nation is to break the law, should you expect to be granted citizenship for your troubles? I've learned a lot over the past few weeks about this particular issue, and what I see is troubling. There are likely many more illegals in the U.S. than government is willing to acknowledge, and if we don't do something now they will break the back of the nation.

Update (Same Day):

Senator Presidential Candidate First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton outs herself as a "coyote."

Clearly, the only way to resolve this situation is a large wall along the border. Maybe another great national monument, along the lines of the Great Wall of China. The cost wouldn't likely exceed what it takes to keep people comfortably not working over the course of several years. Also, it is a proven effective method of deterrance, and would recoup the cost within a few months. Does it bother anyone that this has "roiled" relations with Mexico? Is there any good reason at all other than Mexico's poorest moving here being blocked, thus relieving them of that particular burden on society, for this to bother Mexico officially? If anything, this offers a decidedly sharp validation for going forward with this project.

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