Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kennedy: Iraq Liberation = Pearl Harbor
In an unsurprising move, Teddy Kennedy compares the liberation of Iraq to Pearl Harbor. For his new book "America Backtracks," er... "America Obama Osama bin Laden Kabbalah," er ah... no... "America Back on Track," Kennedy's ghostwriter lambasts the Bush Administration (and your IQ) over 224 pages.
"Bush's decision to invade Iraq, Kennedy says, was an example of "preventive war" -- attacking a nation to prevent it from developing the ability to threaten the United States. A similar manner of thinking led the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941," he writes, since Japan was seeking to block the US military buildup in the Pacific."

Yes Ted, the Japanese DID attack the United States for EXACTLY the same reason the United States liberated Iraq: national security. I'm not sure how this helps prove whatever case you are trying to make. Rather, I see this statement as a validation of the Iraq war. Because the two actions were taken for the same reason does not mean that they were made from the same side of history, Teddy boy.

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