Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley, Hastert, and the Rest of the Gang
Some members of the Royal Congress of the United States feel even more privilaged than others, and simply taking your money to spend on their power isn't enough. Mark Foley is one of them, and was outed this week by the Democrats, who choose to do good only in limited situations when it will most harm Republicans. While this situation is tragic, fortunately the only real harm done (that we are aware of so far) was through email and instant messages. To hang Denny Hastert, of whom I am not a huge fan as a leader, for this would be a huge mistake on the part of the Republican leadership. Foley did the right thing in resigning immediately, and barring any future evidence that the Republican leadership was "in the know" about much more horrible events that had transpired, we should leave it at that. I believe Right Wing News put it best:
What the Washington Times is actually calling for is a standard of justice that makes the Salem Witch Trials look calm and measured. What did Dennis Hastert and the House Leadership have back in 2005? Some emails from a congressman to a page that weren't sexual, didn't ask for a meeting, and didn't suggest any illegal activities. In and of themselves, the emails weren't criminal or an ethics breach, the parents didn't want the matter pursued, and the newspapers that were given the text of the emails found them to be of such little interest that they didn't even bother to print them.
No one wants to say it, for fear of being labeled a supporter of child molestation (thus is the ridiculous world of moral equivalence in which we live), but this is clearly a late "dirty trick" from the left which is already politicizing the issue. Since they are bereft of ideas, leadership, principles, and generally anything to vote FOR, the Democrats are going to run against Bush (as they have every year since 2000), and try to slime all Republican members of Congress as supporters of child molestation. This, despite the fact that no actual physical molestation occurred (that has been made public), unlike the situation involving a certain president and an intern in the 90's. If the GOP leadership goes into a prevent defense, prepare to lose both chambers of congress. Any time a Democratic candidate brings up the Foley mess, his or her GOP opponent should immediately retaliate by asking if they are being accused of supporting child molestation. If the Democrat actually responds, likely with a "no," then they should be asked why they brought it up in the first place.

Ultimately, the page program is dated and useless. While the Royal Congress may feel it is their right to have teenagers hand deliver their mail and bring them coffee, it only reinforces their general attitudes regarding superiority and being "more equal than others" in the land of freedom and justice. Do away with the program, and we won't have to deal with this issue again.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:22 AM) : 

Not only did no "molestation" occur. The "victim" was over 18 at the time.


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