Friday, September 29, 2006

It's AWN!
After months and months of relentless pounding by the Democrats, the Bush administration has taken the gloves off and decided to fight back.
"The party of FDR and the party of Harry Truman has become the party of cut and run," Bush told a convention-center audience of over 2,000 people.
It's about time somebody started calling this obstructionist, anti-American, pro-appeasement, pro-defeat party out. Now that there are two sides of the debate on display, the American people will have a clear choice in the impending election. To cut and run, emboldening the terrorists, or to continue the fight in Iraq and beyond, and to ultimately eliminate the threat once and for all. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have no shame.

Update (Same Day):

Hugh has a great summary of Campaign 2006 here.

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Blogger Father Martin Fox said ... (5:05 PM) : 

Bush's line is a good one.

Unfortunately, with his active efforts, the party of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan has become the party of LBJ Big Government.


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