Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Royal Congress of the United States: Election Nears!
So obviously it's time to start getting some stuff done that looks good on your resume, right? I suppose that explains why the Senate has decided to actually attempt to pass token immigration reform, with security placed ahead of legalizing all of Mexico. Of course, as this nears a floor vote, the only thing the Democrats can do is mock themselves:
Mr. Frist was for comprehensive reform before he was against it," Mr. Manley (spokesman for Harry Reid) said.
I do agree with Manley's point, the Senate Republicans have been abhorrent, and on this issue above all others. Hopefully, this is a turning point, and not a 2 month attempt to gain a few seats... though I think we all know it is. Regardless, the only time we can really get some decent legislation passed is close to an election, so let's do all we can in the limited time available. Though McCain, Warner, and Graham's self aggrandizement previously on this issue to further their presidential ambitions may have been politically expedient, this time is very well may hurt them at the polls. McCain in particular, in recent weeks, has taken it upon himself to vocally oppose the president wherever he can. This may be an attempt to set him up for an independent run in a couple of years, as he is not going to win the Republican nomination. Say what you will about conservative/liberal philosophy, when it comes to party presidential nomination, loyalty goes a long way, and McCain clearly has absolutely no loyalty to his party.

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