Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Defeatists, Pre-Mortems, Etc...
I briefly had a chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh today, and he was going over what he refers to as a "pre-mortem" from some conservative bloggers. There's a reason I delinked the most popular "conservative" blog on the internet, though that it appears to be cheerleading the pre-mortem reinforces my decision. A simple fact of life is that if you expect to lose, you will lose. If you play not to lose, you will lose. If you think you can win, you might win. If you believe that you will win, and bring that enthusiasm with you into the game, election, or board meeting, there's a better chance than not that you will win. I'm sick of hearing Republicans and conservatives bellyache about how the polls are terrible, the RINOs are frustrating, and how we have no chance to save this election. We are going to win, and if we don't, it will be because SOME in the party/cause have decided their ideals and principles just aren't worth driving down the street to spend 2 minutes casting a vote. I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to sit down and let these individuals, so hostile to national security in our dangerous times, take our Congress without a fight.

Skymuse at puts it much better than I. Please read this, it inspired me to take up the fight again, and hopefully it will inspire you as well. If you loved Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, you'll love a Democrat controlled Congress.
I understand that conservatives are loathe to "reward" a RINO or misbehaving Republican with re-election. But this is not a ballgame -- by withholding votes from Republicans and costing them seats and possibly control of a chamber, we are effectively giving the other side homefield advantage for the entire next season.

There are plenty of issues that have not been properly addressed according to conservatives -- border control and immigration, permanent tax cuts, SocSec reform, the passing of McCain-Feingold, wishy-washy foreign policy, and many other issues. The situation is decidedly non-ideal.

Some would decide that our current leadership does not deserve any more time at the trough and are planning to stay home on election day or vote 3rd party.

If that happens, we *ALL* lose, not just the Republicans. No lessons will be learned, and we will be in for years of something much worse than NON-IDEAL. It will be catastrophic, and we will all wish that we could simply get back to non-ideal. There are times when it *IS* enough to vote for Republicans simply because they are not Democrats, and we are living in one at this moment.
Please vote. For the future of our great nation, let's not let the media elites dictate our national policy any longer. We are relying on you... to vote, to convince your friends and family to vote. Make it a goal to get at least one more person to the polls this election.

Here in Ohio, we have Mike DeWine maintaining the tradition of Ohio RINOs as well as he can. I supported his opponent in the primary, but the time for petty differences has passed and he will receive my vote in November. We are voting on the future of the nation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:19 PM) : 

Maybe I'm living in a dream world but I don't think we'll lose control of the Congress. The House may be close, but we will maintain a majority in the Senate. Does anyone remember the exit polls from Election Day 2004? Don't let the MSM or left wing pollsters tell you the results before a vote has been cast.


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