Thursday, October 05, 2006

South Park Does World of Warcraft
Almost everyone I have spoken with disagrees. In a combination of 2 of my favorite things, South Park's season 10 premiere last night focused on the gaming phenomenon World of Warcraft. I love the show, I love the game, but the episode felt rushed. It's kind of like a few other South Park episodes where they had a great idea, but chose to go in only one direction, and put in half the effort they should have. I felt it reflected badly on the game, as the world seemed very small and bland, whereas it is actually a ridiculously large gaming area with many varied climates and terrains. Also, the cleverly interjected actual WoW music seemed out of place in the scenarios with which it was used.

As I write this, I'm realizing I play the game way too much.

Regardless, I'd give this particular episode of SP a 7.0 for lack of effort. It was still an entertaining plot which did portray a portion of WoW's culture, and did have at least one moment that made me cringe and almost look away from the screen. That's the SP touch.

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