Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Time Warner Adventure
So, I arrived home yesterday preparing to relax, maybe do some gaming, check out the latest news on Drudge and such. Lo and behold, my internet connection was down. I power cycled the modem to no effect. My cable was still up, so I knew that another tree branch had not fallen and disconnected the line. This is when I called Time Warner Cincinnati Roadrunner support and began my adventure. The first person I reached advised me she had to transfer me to local technical support. I felt this would be a good move, since I'm already very technical in these matters and felt maybe a tech support analyst and I could get to the crux of the problem quickly. After asking a few light questions and advising that there was an outage near, not in my area, the local tech support transferred me to the national Roadrunner support line. When I reached this line, the individual had me run through a power cycle of the modem, and when that did not work, transferred me back to local support. This time local support advised I go to the local Time Warner office and replace my modem. Though I was 99% sure the modem was not the issue, I trudged my way to the Tri County Mall and replaced it. Upon arriving home, the same issue was occurring, so I called tech support again. This time, they advised that the issue affecting an area NEAR me was in fact affecting my connectivity. So I waited. Ran downstairs to catch up on Lost (3 episodes worth, about 120mins) coming upstairs between episodes to see if the "network outage" had been resolved. When it had not, I called once again, and was transferred from local support to the Roadrunner desk almost immediately. This time the person at RR actually gave a flying crap about my issue and advised, as I had anticipated from the outset of receiving the new modem, that it had not been updated in the local system. After being transferred back to local support, the individual advised that she was unable to connect to my modem and there must be a larger issue at hand with my line. Now, I get a tech tomorrow at 1:30pm, when I could have had one today if the issue had been identified on my first call. Perhaps my favorite part of the ordeal (so far) is the constant advertisement of the blazing fast internet service while you wait on hold. I also have a strong suspicion that the issue is not with my modem, nor with my cable line, but on the administrative end of things at TWCinci. I'll keep you posted, just needed to get that off my chest. It's infuriating to have to decide between 2 local services that provide immensely terrible service in Cincinnati Bell and Time Warner.


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