Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mexico Legalizes
Just don't overdose on it. Actually, one of several positions I take that is closer to Libertarian than Republican is the legalization of currently illegal drugs. Research and common sense show that legalization and regulation would lead to a healthier society. This applies both to the personal and financial aspects of life. If someone wants to do the "bad drugs," such as PCP or coke, no big whoop! Just make it mandatory they rent a padded room and a straightjacket before indulging. Marijuana and ecstacy? Legalizing these would just be a formality. So much money is being dumped into this, and if it were legalized, the entire crime industry/network would fall apart overnight. I'm not saying using drugs is a good thing. Clearly, it is not. The harm you cause yourself by partaking is substantial and abusing should be heavily discouraged. The societal benefits of legalization, however, far outweigh continuing prohibition.

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Blogger Dave Oatney said ... (3:22 PM) : 

The only problem I have is that this could lead to greater drug smuggling here-though I do think legalization could lead to a self-inflicted societal cleansing.


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