Thursday, May 04, 2006

Great Blogs Series: Volumn 1
I'm going to start a series (and see how long it lasts) dedicating posts to blogs I love to read, and giving reasons why. Today's kickoff post goes to Little Green Footballs.

Blog: Little Green Footballs
Readership: 100,000+ Daily
Genre: Warblog

Why I love this blog:
I discovered LGF soon after the 9/11/01 attacks. If you go here, you'll see how Charles Johnson's worldview dramatically changed following this brazen assault on our homeland. Back in the early days, visitors to would initially see a web designer page, with a link to the weblog. Subsequent, particularly informative posts regarding the ongoing War on Terror popularized the blog to where it is today. LGF certainly qualifies as a "warblog" by any standard definition of the word. Anybody remember "Rathergate?" LGF was the blog that broke the story and helped catapult the medium into the national spotlight. Not only are the posts informative, but the blog as a whole is rife with biting commentary and self-depreciating humor (regulars are referred to as "Lizardoids"). Many liberal blogs either attempt to ignore LGF or refer to it as "racist," "naziesque," "little green fascists," or something in kind. This despite absolutely no posts in the vein of racism or inequality. When attempting to make their case, these sites usually cite some of the largely unmoderated comments rather than attack the content of the blog itself. Here's the FAQ.

I'd like to personally thank LGF for recently providing a link to Chuckoblog.

Also, check out this post specifically. That hat tip is for ME! I also posted this, but the image links are broken. Will fix them later.

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