Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lloyd Bentsen
I wasn't going to post on his passing, but The Jawa Report (cross posted at Dread Pundit Bluto) makes a good point regarding the shallowness of the MSM. By nearly all acounts, Senator Bentsen was a gentleman and a scholar. He was (the better) half of the Democratic ticket in one of the earliest presidential election cycles that I can clearly remember. May he rest in peace.

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Anonymous chrys said ... (8:37 PM) : 

Second that "rest in peace" part. BUT - I still get angry when he took an "experience" comparison and turned it into a "character" beating. Quayle was making a statement that he was as QUALIFIED as Kennedy was. Benson should have stated: "yes, you are as qualified - but you could never be Kennedy." They DID have the "ticket" wrong. BUT - Quayle was right in a lot of ways that should not have been ignored. i.e., attorney's ruining our nation - unwed parenting should not be an "honored" situation (forgiven - not honored) - and a few others. Comedy, instead of morals, too often leads the way. Comedy was Benson's tool.


Blogger Chucko said ... (9:27 AM) : 

Agreed... that debate is probably the earliest one I remember, but I still remember thinking "well, that's dirty and subversive." I was always a Quayle fan, and agree on all points regarding his positions.


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